What Size Laptop Bag Do I Need?

A laptop bag may be considered by some people as merely a carrier, but it serves more than that. A laptop bag provides you with convenient and ease of carrying your laptop safely from one point to another. It also ensures your laptop is transported in the safest manner possible.

Some laptop bags are trendy and stylish. Besides keeping your information safe, they also give you classic looks that set you apart from other people. So, what size of laptop bag do you need?

There are many factors besides space that determine the best bag for your laptop. You shouldn’t jump on the first choice you land your eyes on. This is just an important investment as any other ventures. So, if keeping your information and laptop safe is your priority, read on to know what bag would be your best option.

A standard laptop bag can comfortably accommodate any laptop that measures about 15 to 17 inches. This approximation works for individuals who don’t have time to choose an exact bag. However, the best way to get a bag that fits snugly is to note down your laptop’s length, width and height/depth.

What else do you intend to carry in your bag?

Do you carry your valuable documents, cell phones, headsets and charging accessories along with you? If so, you will want quick-access pockets on the outside surface of the bag. These pockets are super convenient and help you bring along all your work gear with you.

While having adequate space is an important part of a laptop bag, it’s not simply enough. We are living in a modern world where everything we wear has to match. Basically, you will also need to look into other factors explained below.

Other things to consider when looking for a laptop bag

You will need a padded section included in your bag for added protection. Even the extra pockets should be designed with memory foam or any soft material to ensure all you work items are kept free from scratches.

What type of clothing do you work with and do you mostly require to walk or drive?

The type of clothing you normally don coupled with whether you walk or drive to work decides the type of bag you should buy. For instance, if you drive, then you just need a smaller but high-quality bag that will store only your laptop and its charger. Other items like headsets, smartphones, and documents can be kept in your car.

Do you walk?

This will tell you if it is best to look for a cross body bag if you walk a lot and are dressed a bit more casual. Make sure the shoulder strap is long enough to wear it comfortably considering your silhouette type.

Go for a bag with handles, as it is easier to pick up and drop off in the car and will not add unwanted creases to your suit. If you combine walking, car rides, suits on some days and casual clothing on other days, you can benefit from a bag with both a handle and shoulder strap. Alternatively, you can have two bags, one with a handle and the other with a shoulder strap.

If you walk a lot, you need to consider the weight of the bag. Some bags are pretty heavy before you even add anything into it. Suppose you have a heavier laptop, a bigger Smartphone, and many other accessories, the total weight of your bag will wear you down quickly. Additionally, it won’t last long. An ideal bag should weigh less than four pounds.

Do you prefer direct access? Then you want a bag with an open main compartment or zipper right at the top. Do you prefer a flap-over? There are different types of closures: magnetic, key-lock or number-lock, buckles, Velcro, etc. If you chose to go for a fabric bag with Velcro, make sure they cover a large area in case your bag is full, you wouldn’t want it to stay open because the two parts of the Velcro can’t reach each other! Some still use snaps, but these would not be recommended as they take too long to close and as time goes, even leather can be torn if they are pulled in an unkindly manner.

As far as fashion goes, do you prefer a classic look to be able to use your bag in any situation and wearing about anything? In this case, high-quality leather such as calfskin or full-grain will last you longer, basically forever, and often has more classic looks that will age well in time. If you enjoy being more in trend, you can combine materials. Many quality names are doing so now, and you can easily mix and match those bags with casual clothing or high-end suits.

Although not entirely made of leather, if the bag is hand-made and offers a good guarantee, it will last you as long as all leather ones. Consider a larger money investment for those of you who prefer fashionable pieces as they do go out of style eventually. That being said, if you take good care of each and store them well, you will be able to take them out again when their time comes back!

Wrap up

Buying a new laptop bag implicates some sort of investment for sure. You will be able to carry your laptop and other accessories that are essential to your work. Space and the quality of the bag should come first when looking for a good bag. Remember: if you choose a high-quality bag with ample space, you will be able to improve the way you work.