Vetelli Laptop Bag/ Shoulder Messenger Bag

Admit it or not, bags are a staple in your everyday life. How one chooses a bag to buy and use varies – some prefer to buy a bag that is stylish, but classic, while some buy one depending on their functionalities, or where you can use it. On this day and age, though, bags are not just functional, they are also becoming more and more fashionable. In this category falls the Vetelli Laptop and Shoulder Messenger Bag.

Stylish, sturdy, classic, and functional, this bag can be everyone’s go-to bag for work, school, and even travel. Featuring a laptop compartment that provides security and cushion to your gadget and compartments that are spacious and secured enough for all your other belongings, this laptop and messenger bag in one is no doubt the perfect messenger bag for school, work, and travel.

What makes the Vetelli Laptop/Shoulder Messenger Bag one of a kind?

  • Elegance and functionality

These are the top qualities of this laptop and messenger bag. Made with high-grade PU leather on the outside and ultra-soft lining on the inside, this bag provides support and safety for your things while not being boring. The spacious compartments of the bag are sure to fit all your belongings, while the zip-free laptop sleeve will provide protection for your gadgets, from laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other accessories that must be protected from scratches and damages. If style and functionality are your concern, the Vetelli Laptop/Shoulder Messenger Bag got you covered.

  • Space and security

Measuring 19.5 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 12.5 inches in height, this laptop and messenger bag is undoubtedly big and spacious. All your important belongings for your daily work or school life will surely fit nicely on this bag.

The laptop sleeve can fit and secure up to 15.6 inches laptops as well. The interior and exterior are built with compartments that are zipped to provide maximum protection for your belongings. If quick access to your things, such as cellphones or wallets, is a concern as well, an easy-to-open zip pocket on the back of the bag is installed on the bag as well for your comfort.

  • Premium design

Another feature that sets Vetelli Laptop/Shoulder Messenger Bag apart from all the other bags out in the market today is its premium design. It offers useful features such as scratch-free compartments with no need for zippers, durable hard point attachments, magnetic closure clips, soft interior lining, a sturdy bag base, innovative pocket designs, strong zippers that are durable, and stylish leather strap pullers, this messenger and laptop bag has been designed and manufactured carefully, taking every detail and functionality into consideration to make sure that every bag produced is stylish, functional, and one of a kind.

  • Quality material

Aside from the design, materials used to create this beautiful bag are also top notch. The Vetelli laptop and messenger bag are manufactured with high-grade PU/Bicast leather, and has an impressive color variation – charcoal grey waxed canvas for the outside design and the finish. The interior of the bag features an ultra-soft interior lining with solid zippers and a trusty Velcro strap for protection and convenient access.

The bag’s shoulder straps are adjustable and even include a shoulder pad for easy and comfortable carrying. This bag also comes with two swivel clips so that it can be carried on either of your shoulders without the straps getting tangled.

In comparison: Should you really go for the Vetelli Laptop/Shoulder Messenger Bag

Markets nowadays provide overwhelming options for everyone and the abundance of available messenger and laptop bags is not an exception to this case. Among the most popular options in the market is the Unisex Cross Shoulder Full Flap Laptop Leather Messenger Bag from The Leather Bags.

Quite spacious and undoubtedly stylish, this messenger bag provides full support for your belongings as well. However, compared to the Vetelli laptop bag, the Unisex Cross Shoulder Messenger Bag is smaller with just 15 inches in width, 11 inches in height, and 4 inches in depth, providing lesser space and compartments for your belongings.

The straps of the bag are not padded as well, which does not provide as much comfort as what the Vetelli laptop bag provides to its users. Coming close to the functionality and style of the Vetelli laptop bag is the Portage Supply Co.’s laptop and camera bag.

Although both are indeed stylish and functional, the Vetteli laptop bag is a better option if securing your belongings is your main concern as the laptop bag from Portage Supply Co. is not made from an ultra-soft lining in its interior compartments, which might put your belongings and gadgets at risk of scratches and damages. The Portage Supply Co.’s laptop and messenger bag can also accommodate smaller laptops so if you have a laptop bigger than 13”, this bag is not your best option.

Vetelli Laptop/Shoulder Messenger Bag – a go or a no-go?

Despite the abundance of options available in the market today for laptop and messenger bags, the Vetelli laptop and messenger bag standouts for a reason – it is functional, stylish, timeless, and sturdy. Made from premium materials, with a design that is carefully executed, this laptop and messenger bag is truly one of a kind. Securing your gadgets and other important belongings is not a problem with this bag.

An interior made from the ultra-soft lining and an exterior made from high-grade PU leather, this messenger bag provides maximum comfort for your things. Compartments are also carefully considered and installed in the bag for easier organizing and access. Shoulder straps are built with pads as well to ensure you comfort when carrying your bag.

Bigger dimensions of the bag also provide more space for all the things you need for school, work, and even travel. Designed to be timeless, sturdy, and stylish, the Vetelli laptop and shoulder bag is not only your go-to bag; it is also the bag that will last you for a long time and the perfect bag for any occasion.