Tutilo Designer Work and Travel Computer Tote Review

If you are in the market for an environmentally friendly, fun, trendy yet stylish and versatile tote bag for work or play, look no further than the Tutilo Designer Handbags. If you need a sizeable yet easily portable bag, this bag will suit your requirements. Designed to carry a small computer device, its accessories plus a few personal items, this well turned out tote will have you well pleased with your purchase.


Made of pebbled vegan (PU) Leather, Tutilo Designer Handbags: Feature Work and Travel Computer Tote is the ultimate ecologically correct product. The material comprises a split leather backing, covered with a layer of polyurethane (a type of plastic) applied to the surface which is then embossed.

The tote comes in four funky color combinations:

  • black and red with a blue interior
  • beige with a pink interior
  • black with a blue interior
  • red with a cream interior

This roomy bag comes in at 18.6” x 13.3” x 6” and weighs approximately 2.5lbs (shipping weight 3lbs). The inside bottom has a removable matching PU reinforcing piece that allows the tote to stand upright. The interior of the tote is divided into three sections, allowing you to carry a laptop of up to 14.5” as well as accessories and other personal items. The top of the tote bag does not close entirely but the overlapping strap includes a key to fit the magnetic snap lock located on the exterior.

However, this is more for design than function, although the lock does work. The spacious interior middle section is zippered for additional security. The tote also comes with a matching removable “envelope” bag, ideal for running short errands when all you need to take is loose change, a cellphone and keys.

The main tote bag incorporates securely stitched on exterior pockets, convenient for carrying keys or your mobile phone for easy accessibility. The sturdy handles are sewn into the bag and appear to be not easily breakable. The straps are long enough to fit over your arm, but not so long that the bag will drag on the ground when carried overarm, even for a petite lady.

If you are a traveler you will be pleased to realize that the Tutilo Designer Handbags: Feature Work and Travel Computer Tote lives up to its name. It fits comfortably under an airplane seat, much more convenient than having to use overhead lockers that you might not be able to access easily.


  • constructed of non-animal material
  • maintains its shape even when full
  • various compartments for easy storage
  • lockable
  • sturdy handles
  • removable zippered pouch
  • available in different color combinations
  • able to comfortably fit a substantial number of items
  • easy cleaning with a damp cloth


  • not made of real leather
  • outside pockets are not padded but are designed to carry a 15” laptop
  • inside pocket is padded but only holds a 10” device
  • exterior pockets not well protected against accidental knocks
  • the bag is heavy even when empty
  • bag can be accessed even when locked due to the position of the strap
  • lock is more for design than function


Overall, customers were extremely satisfied with the product, considering it good value for money. Some thought it would have been better made with real leather, but acknowledged that this would add to the cost considerably.

The tote does not smell like real leather but also does not have an overpowering “plastic” odor. The product is considered smart enough to use for work with a chic outfit, but also casual enough for students to use for college. It could also double up well as a shopping bag. One lady uses it to carry portable oxygen tanks and found it to be ideal for the purpose. The tote could be used at home or work and is a perfect travel hold-all, even for long-distance flights.

The various compartments mean you can keep items separate but which can be quickly retrieved when needed.

Anyone who is concerned for the environment and does not believe in using animal products will be delighted that the bag is made of a synthetic product, yet does not look artificial.

Many customers have purchased more than one bag in different colors, either for themselves or as gifts. The gift recipients have gone on to buy additional bags themselves!

Tutilo Designer Handbags: Feature Work and Travel Computer Tote is made in China but appears to be durable and of a better quality than might have been expected.