Sammons Leather Laptop Briefcase/Tote/Shoulder Bag Review

The Sammons Top Quality Genuine Leather Laptop Briefcase/tote/shoulder Bag is marketed as being for men but is equally suitable for women.


The bag is able to hold a 13” laptop in the main zippered pocket. Additional exterior pockets are specifically designed to hold a cellphone, a license, a pen as well as sundry items in the inside zippered compartment.

The exterior of the bag measures a generous 15″H x 11.4″W x 2.4″D.

A shipping weight is 2.5lbs means you can order more than one of these practical yet stylish bags. The bag would make an elegant gift for a smart fashion conscious person of any age, or keep it as a stalwart accessory for your own wardrobe.

Sammons Top Quality Genuine Leather Laptop Briefcase/Tote/Shoulder Bag comes only in black is viewed by some a drawback, as varied colors would be popular for more trendy consumers. For others, the timelessness of black means the bag will enhance any outfit.

The bag comes with short handles allowing the bag to be hand-held, as well as having a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. The sturdy shoulder strap measures 64.6” and can be adjusted accordingly to suit the height of any wearer.

The laptop briefcase/tote/shoulder bag is made in China and the quality is superior to what might have been expected.

The bag is discreetly patterned on one side and plain on the other, thus being suitable for smart and casual wear. It could be used for several purposes, including attending college or night classes, carrying books and papers from home to office, meetings, travel for work or pleasure or simply as a fashion accessory.


  • made of genuine leather
  • non-allergenic and ecologically friendly
  • can be hand held or slung over the shoulder
  • slim compact design allows for carrying of up to a 13” computer device
  • bag zips closed across top of the main compartment
  • exterior pockets on either side of the bag with easy access
  • exterior pockets designed to carry cellphone, license, pen
  • additional zippered interior pocket composed of Jacquard fabric
  • interior pocket padded for protection against accidental knocks
  • hand carry handles have a magnetic snap fastener across both straps


  • only available in black
  • bag does not carry genuine leather certification
  • large exterior pockets do not zip closed
  • zippers are not strong and are prone to breaking
  • the bag is not structured and will not stand by itself


The Sammons Leather Laptop Briefcase/tote/shoulder Bag is designed to carry essential items without appearing bulky and over-sized. Its single color (black) and soft neutral design means it can be used by men and women alike without being gender-specific.

The bag is smart and can be worn as a chic fashion accessory, while at the same time being functional and well-designed. With almost everyone carrying a computer device of some description these days, bags of all descriptions are more often designed with this in mind, rather than to carry solely feminine items as in the past.

The bag is secure in that it has an outside zipper which safeguards the interior of the bag, as well as the interior padded compartment having its own zipper. Customer reviews indicate that the zippers are not of good quality and are prone to breaking.

However, the exterior pockets are only secured with the hand-held straps that go across the bag and which snap together at the top with a magnetic fastener. This allows inquisitive hands to access the outside pockets fairly easily.

It is thus not recommended that items of any value are kept here, despite being specifically designed to carry a cellphone and license. Special care should be taken in an environment where the owner may be distracted by noise and crowds, such as a café, pub or public transport.

The lengthy shoulder strap means the bag can be worn across your body, freeing your hands while carrying that essential cup of coffee or balancing books and files.

As to the bag not holding its shape when put on a flat surface, opinions vary. Some customers like the casual formlessness, while others feel this detracts from an overall stylish appearance.

Even if Sammons Top Quality Genuine Leather Laptop Briefcase/Tote/Shoulder Bag contains a laptop and other items, it must be propped against a hard surface to stay upright. This could be inconvenient in a professional environment where you would prefer to appear more elegant, but means the bag can be tucked between your feet while in a café or travelling on the tube.