Mosiso Polyester Fabric Sleeve Case

Mosiso Polyester Fabric Sleeve Case

There are plenty of advantages to being handsfree, but when you have a bunch of stuff to carry, that is not always an option. If you have a long commute, you probably need to carry important papers, a laptop, perhaps a flash drive and other important items to and from your workplace.

If you are a woman you have even more problems because you have likely got to carry a purse as well. Of course, you could stick everything in a briefcase, but those old bags are outdated, ugly, unstylish and certainly cannot protect your electronics like you need them to because briefcases have been around far before laptops ever were. That kind of thinking is actually untrue.

Nowadays, there are in fact very stylish and practical briefcases that look great, protect electronics and help simplify your lifestyle so that you can have more time handsfree!

These cases are actually affordable even though they seem to do it all. Many of them are lightweight as well, have adjustable straps, modern coloring and more. One of the best bags on the market right now, which also happens to come at a very low price, is the Mosiso Polyester Fabric Sleeve Case Cover Laptop Shoulder Briefcase Bag for 12-13.3 Inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Ultrabook Netbook Tablet, Black.

If you are considering purchasing a briefcase, you should definitely consider this one. Following are some specific features and some broad ideas about this bag that will help you decide if this modern briefcase is the right one for you.


You may not have considered it before, but shock absorption is actually a very important consideration you should make before choosing which briefcase to purchase. The Mosiso bag has enough padding to protect your precious electronics from bumps and drops. Can you imagine if you dropped your laptop right before a big case or deadline? If it is stored in this bag, you will not have to worry because it will be protected.

Another great feature of this bag is that you can carry it in multiple ways. Of course you would like to be handsfree, so there is an adjustable shoulder strap that will allow you to move without a cumbersome and heavy bag in your arms. However, if you occasionally prefer the control that shorter handles will give you, this bag is also equipped with side handles so that you have carrying options.

The design of grey and blue means it is appropriate for either sex. Men and women alike can appear stylish toting this bag.

This bag is also equipped with multiple pockets and compartments, include an easy to access front pocket that is perfect for storing smaller items. For men and women alike this is great for keeping up with things like pens, flash drives and more. Additionally, this pocket is especially great for women because it can provide the same storage as a purse so that you are not forced to carry two bags around.


  • Padding will protect your electronics
  • Dimensions of 13.58x.79.9.46 inches will fit just about any computer
  • Very stylish design and colors will ensure you look great
  • Practical design can help you stay organized on the job
  • Comfortable shoulder strap will protect your posture


  • Shoulder straps may not remain intact after prolonged use
  • Smaller than some other briefcase-type bags


If you are looking for something that can help you get your electronics to and from work or school safely and soundly without a scratch, this bag is your best bet.

Not only does it look great, it can help you keep your hands free for doing other things like holding onto handholds on the train or texting on your cell phone.

Of course there are some who do not believe this bag has enough storage space, however if you are looking to keep your electronics safe and remain organized, this is a good choice for you.

The shoulder straps of this bag may begin to pop off if the bag is not treated well or if it carries a very heavy load. However with proper and appropriate use, this bag should last you a very long time. Because of its low price, it is well worth the money that you will pay for it.


A good and smart consumer should always consider all alternatives before deciding to purchase anything. That is just as true with briefcase bags. If you are considering a purchase, you should also look into the Evecase Multi-functional Carrying Messenger Case with Handle and Shoulder Strap for 12.5 – -13.3 inch Laptops – Black.

This bag is also at a low price; however, it is slightly more expensive than the bag described above.

It, too, is meant to carry laptops and has both a shoulder strap and handles so that you can carry it however you choose.

One of the major differences in this bag and its counterpart is that it has more pockets, however these pockets are much smaller. The choice of which you prefer is ultimately up to you and your needs. Smaller pockets can be beneficial for organization or can be a nightmare where you never know which pocket anything is in, depending on the way you like to store things.

This bag does come in three colors; however, it is not quite as stylish as the bag first described.


Of course, you do not want to make time at work any more difficult than it already is. One way to simplify things and ensure that your electronics are safe is with the Mosiso Polyester Fabric Sleeve Case Cover Laptop Shoulder Briefcase Bag for 12-13.3 Inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Ultrabook Netbook Tablet, Black.

Depending on how you like to store things, a bag with more, smaller pockets may be beneficial. However, if you want to appear stylish without having to sacrifice function, the Mosiso bag is the one for you.

This bag can keep your electronics safe, thus giving you peace of mind. And the best part is that you will be hands-free on your commute!