McKlein USA Women’s 9433 W Series Lake Forest Review

For the elegant stylish business woman who also needs to maintain her femininity, this McKlein USA Women’s 9433 W Series Lake Forest will fit the bill.


McKlein USA Women’s 9433 W Series Lake Forest doubles as a sophisticated fashion accessory. Designed to hold a laptop plus accessories, it will enhance your appearance and be the envy of your colleagues and friends. Fashioned of luxurious Italian leather with easily accessible zips and pouches and with double handles and a shoulder strap, plus a removable laptop sleeve, this bag is designed for all occasions.


  • made of Italian leather
  • holds a laptop up to 15.4”
  • laptop accessories including a charger, mouse, usb sticks and memory cards
  • holds additional office accessories including cellphone, pens, notebook and business cards
  • contains removable padded laptop sleeve
  • includes key holder
  • has short handles and adjustable shoulder strap
  • has four protective feet on underside of bag
  • contains built in strap piece for suitcase
  • comes in various color choices


  • can smell of plastic
  • too small to accommodate larger laptop plus accessories
  • can be too unwieldy
  • bag is not pliable enough


Standing at 12.5” high, 16” long and 5” wide, this roomy bag weighs only 4lbs. The superior quality YKK durable metallic zippers ensure all your items will remain safe. The U-shaped zipper section for accessories means you can reach your cellphone without tipping the contents onto the nearest desk.

The removable laptop sleeve made of high-density foam will protect your laptop from knocks while being transported.

Four feet on the underside of the bag protect it from direct contact with a floor surface, shielding it from potentially unsightly scratches and nick, as well as staying hygienic.

For the woman who travels, the bag has a built-in strap piece that can go over a rolling suitcase’s handle, thus keeping it safe while finding your ticket and boarding pass.

The McKlein brand advertises the “W” series as “portable, colorful, chic silhouettes designed for business women who bring their sense of style to the workplace.” Their products are designed for practicality as well as beauty.

The dual straps – short double carry handles as well as an adjustable removable shoulder strap mean that you can position the bag over your shoulder if you are carrying additional folders or that essential first coffee of the day. Able to extend to a length of up to 22”, the shoulder strap will accommodate women of any stature.

Out of the business environment, it may be preferable to remove the shoulder strap and carry the bag by the short straps to enhance your designer look. The bag is designed to stand upright and thus is fairly stiff to the touch. However, it is reassuring to know that your laptop will not be damaged due to the bag collapsing when plumped on your desk.

The McKlein USA Women’s 9433 W Series Lake Forest is also available in various funky colors, from shades of reds, greens and blues to brown and bronze.

Bear in mind that the case is designed for a specific size laptop and accessories. It is not designed to double up as a laptop bag and purse. By any means, use it as one or the other, but the interior will not hold infinite objects.

Negative customer feedback includes that the bag smells of plastic, however, another customer enjoyed the original leather odour. There was varied feedback on whether the McKlein USA Women’s 9433 W Series Lake Forest can actually accommodate a laptop of that size – some customers said they could not fit their device while others said it fit perfectly.

There was also discussion about how firm the case is – some felt it was too heavy and bulky while others liked that it could stand alone and was not pliable.

Most comments reflected positively on the zippers whilst others did not like that the fasteners were not Velcro or strap overs.

Despite the occasional negative opinions, majority reviews were that the bag is a must-have; it is stylish, well-designed, smart while functional and receives all-round compliments.

If the partner in your life is looking for hints for your Christmas gift, leave him in no doubt that this is a winner. Quality, affordability, style, durability and functionality in one bundle, what more could a girl ask for? Maybe more than one…