Mancro Business Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack

Gone are the days when bags served one purpose and one purpose alone – to carry your things. As time passes by and technology progresses, bags and backpacks to be specific have become all around as well, serving multiple purposes than just carrying one’s things. The new Mancro Business Water Resistant Backpack for your laptop is no exception. It is loaded with some innovative features, has the strength to carry the load of your laptop with ease and has an attractive flashy look.

With an innovative inbuilt USB charging port, a 17-inch wide laptop holder section, and comes with a theft-proof combination lock, the Mancro Business Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack is a proof of how backpacks are being innovated nowadays to cater to a lot of people’s needs. Use it for work, for school, or for travel, this backpack is not only useful in so many ways but is durable and stylish as well.

Features: What you get from the Mancro Backpack

  • Made from durable nylon fabric and has a bottom which has been reinforced for a tougher and sturdier backpack that is perfect for travel, school, or work.
  • Built with external USB with the built-in charging cable for a more convenient charging experience for all your gadgets – phones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • This backpack has more than 10 compartments which offer separate spaces for all your things. These will allow you to find your things inside the bag easily and efficiently.
  • Two sides sealed pockets on the outside of the bag provide a real sturdy and a security load than the mesh pockets offered by others and you can load your things on the side pockets without worrying about their safety and security.
  • The Mancro Backpack also features a laptop sleeve that can hold laptops that are less than 17’’ wide. The soft lined sleeve of the backpack and the two “s” curve shoulder straps provide enough space, great comfort, and maximum support for laptops.
  • Built with metal zippers and a combination lock for the reliable protection of your wallet and other important items inside your bag, this Mancro Backpack ensures that all your items are safe from being lost and stolen.
  • The Mancro Backpack is also made from water resistant polyester, providing security and added support to secure your items from the sudden downpour.

Possible Considerations

  • Technical issues and difficulties with regard to USB charging make the bag inconsistent with one of its most distinguishable selling points.
  • The bag’s size can be a problem because some might find it too small and may not fit all their daily essentials inside it.
  • Previous buyers have reported issues with the quality of the bag, most especially with the zippers popping out and seams tearing easily.

Considering the Mancro Backpack

The Mancro Backpack offers a revolutionary potential as a tech-friendly backpack. It brings in new ideas as a backpack that specifically caters and appeals to those who always need their gadgets anytime and anywhere. The convenience that it offers with its on-the-go charging may be too good to pass up. A couple of healthy additions are the protection features that comes with bag – protection from nature in its waterproof construction and protection from unscrupulous hands with its security features.

Features common to laptop bags are likewise present in this bag which include durable make and padded interiors. It also sports several pockets for easier organization and storage.

All things considered, this laptop bag could be a good pickup for tech-savvy people who prefer to travel light, or to those who wish to stow away their laptops and other gadgets in a bag separate from their other belongings.

Looking Across the Market

Vis-à-vis similar products available on the market, the Mancro Backpack places well in some aspects. Only a few laptop bags falling in the same price bracket could offer the reliability of a built-in security and protection system carried by our laptop bag. The anti-theft mechanism and waterproofing are healthy premiums that are well-appreciated in the bag.

As regards to the size, the Mancro Backpack falls under the smaller end of the spectrum. Compared to the AmazonBasics Backpack, the dimensions of the Mancro Backpack would fit only a laptop and a few essential accessories and gadgets. It is highly improbable that a user would fit his other belongings inside this bag together with his laptop. While this could still boil down to personal preference, other bags available offer a whole lot of additional space compared to our bag.

With regard to construction issues, this laptop bag seems to hang on the weaker end because of some reported problems of zippers popping out even before use. For a laptop bag which boasts of security features as one of its selling points, this might pose a problem. You can look at the Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack as an alternative to this problem. The main compartment of the bag is built with double zipper as anti-theft is also one of its key features. Unlike the Mancro Backpack, the Kopack Slim Business Backpack has no reported issues or problems when it comes to its zippers and anti-theft features.

To buy or not to buy?

While the Mancro Backpack does indeed have potential as regards its new tech-friendly features, you might want to rethink before buying it for these reasons alone because of some of the problems and technical issues posed versus these features. If budget is an issue for you, It might even be more reasonable to buy a regular stand-alone bag and just get portable charging devices which are equally as available in markets. Mancro may be able to perfect this technology in the future, but as it is right now, it may be useful to first scrutinize these aspects of the bag before considering a purchase.

A factor that must also be looked at is the quality of the materials used for its manufacture. No user would like to have his bag’s zippers popping out at the most opportune moments. More so when it comes to a laptop bag as the chances are some important or expensive trinket may drop when this happens.

That said, in the event when it’s main features function improperly, or if ever at all, it would just be a regular backpack with little space and other laptop bags would merit consideration over it.

Still, the Mancro Backpack is still a solid choice when it comes to getting a trusty laptop bag. Its features, when installed and properly working can add to its appeal as a very good laptop bag pickup.