Mancro Anti Theft Laptop Bag with USB Port

Anyone that has a laptop and its related devices know that carrying it around requires a bag that is specially designed for the task. Safety of your laptop and other accessories like the hard drive is a major concern for everyone these days. If stolen, with all that important data on it, it can be much more than a mental agony for you. The Mancro Black Anti Theft Business Laptop Bag is an answer to this problem. With features like theft proof combination lock and metal zippers, it is an innovative product available in the market.

The Anti-Theft Business Laptop Bag with USB charging port from Mancro Black is a popular model of laptop bag on the market today, thanks to its many attractive features. Made of eco-friendly nylon, the bag weighs about 1.5 pounds and has measurements of 20 (L) × 12.2 (H) × 5.7 (W). It is designed with laptop users in mind and features a separate compartment just for laptops as a result. Its biggest attractions include a safety proof combination lock for more protection, lots of room for more stuff and an external USB charging port for topping up the battery while on the go.

Mancro Black Laptop Bag Features

  • Exterior is made from thick, eco-friendly nylon fabric
  • With dimensions of 20 (L) × 12.2 (H) × 5.7 (W),
  • Comes with 3 main compartments, 9 smaller pockets and 2 side pockets for storage.
  • Long, padded, adjustable, and reinforced shoulder straps.
  • Zippers on most compartments, plus Velcro straps.
  • Safety proof combination lock for security on the exterior.
  • External USB with built-in charging cables for easier charging of your devices on the go.


  • The straps can also be adjusted to reduce the overall bag thickness,
  • Nylon is water repellant in nature and slightly shockproof which should guarantee stiffer protection for inner contents.
  • Its dedicated laptop compartment fits 13”, 14” 15” and 16” laptops perfectly and with space to spare.
  • The main compartment is large enough to carry bigger items including a few clothes, files, books, cables and larger laptops of more than 17” with proper arrangement.
  • It is light to carry, being 1.5 pounds when empty. When full, the weight is equally distributed by the ‘S’ shaped back straps, reducing its effect on your shoulders.
  • The bag’s color is ideal for various tasks including travel, school, work, weekend getaways and renders it unisex.


  • Side compartments are not large enough or expandable for water bottles.
  • Does not fit laptops of 17 inches and above unless they are very slim.

Assessment of the Mancro Black Laptop Bag

As an overview, this is what the Anti-theft Business Laptop Bag from Mancro comes with. The eco-friendly nylon it is made with is water repellant and thick enough to absorb external impacts, in addition to being tough and durable. It has enough room for laptops of 16 inches and below in its dedicated compartment, and more pockets in other compartments for other items such as clothes, iPads and books. The bag’s construction allows it to be adjustable in size and thickness by pulling the straps while facilitating more organization with its compartmentalized and zippered storage spaces. Its back straps are also designed to distribute the bag’s weight equally so as to facilitate easier movement.

Comfort-wise, the bag hits home with its light weight, slim design and long adjustable straps that make handling easy. Additional features such as the external USB charging port on the interior and a safety lock combination on the exterior add to its usability and uniqueness, while its black color renders it wearable by both men and women and equally fit for work, travel and many other purposes.

Considering all these features, it really is a functional bag, designed to fit the average laptop owner’s carriage needs to the fullest.

Considering alternatives to Mancro Black Anti Theft Laptop Bag

There are lots of laptop bags on the market today with features similar to those of the Anti-Theft Business Laptop Bag from Mancro Black. When compared in various categories, the latter comes out favorably. The closest competitors the Ant-theft Laptop Bag has happen to be some of the most popular laptop bags on the market, and they include the Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Bag and the Brinch 15.6 Multifunctional Suit Fabric Bag.

Considering price, the Anti theft Macro Black ranks in the lower rungs along with the Brinch bag, unlike the Lifewit. Looking at design and construction, the bag lacks in design that most people’s bags have. But its construction allows it to have way more room than any of its competitors in both the laptop compartment and other pockets. Ultimately, Antitheft comes equipped with a number of features that its competitors don’t have, including safety combination lock and an external USB port.

And even though some features may not work as promised for some, such as the external USB, the fact still remains that the Anti Theft Laptop is one of the best bags on sale today, and one with a set of unique features that no other brand has.

To buy or not to buy – The Verdict

As stated above, the bag comes with every feature that a good laptop bag should have. Its space allocation to different items is enough for most, including your laptop, while its handling is easy and substitutable between strong shoulder straps and side handles. Its additional unique features i.e. the safety lock combination and the external USB port add to its charm and functionality, although their usability is not guaranteed to be perfect. Its color and size renders it ideal for work, school, travel etc.

All these features suggest a good quality product, and the reviews from past users are supportive of the fact. That is why we recommend it as the bag to buy. It may not be at the very top of the rung with the latest models but still comes with good features that will support your needs for longer than most bags of a similar nature. If you are looking for a big enough bag that has enough room for many of your items and has additional perks like enabling you charge on the go or has a safety lock combination that keeps out unwanted individuals, the Anti Theft Business Laptop Bag from Mancro is the bag for you.