Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag

If you have been looking for a bag that can meet your daily luggage requirements of a laptop, books, iPad and other smaller items whenever you go to work or school, you’ve probably been shown lots of bag models and found that most do not fit the bill right. That is why many people settle for the first bag they find to have enough space to fix their laptops in, which is not a very good idea. The Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag is one laptop bag whose features manufacturers have tried to get everything right.

It stands tall in a caliber of its own, sporting some unique features that support its functionality as a bag that can carry just about anything while keeping you comfortable. Its rugged appearance, usability, durability and sleek construction are some of the reasons for its growing popularity among students, working people, and traveling businessmen everywhere. Crazy horse leather and the coffee color give it a retro and wildness. The foam paddings inside that act as a shock absorbent, various small and large packets that allow you to keep your other accessories like mini pad or the external hard drive and the strap that extend up to 50 inches make it a very good product.

Features – Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag

  • 100% full grain thick cowhide crazy horse leather on the top and bottom exterior, and high grade canvas in the other parts.
  • Thick foam padding at the top and bottom of the interior which act as shock absorbents
  • Four strong magnetic clasps at the front and strong zippers on the compartments
  • Long, adjustable shoulder strap and smaller side handles for lifting and handling.
  • Dedicated laptop compartment fit to carry laptops of only 13, 14 and 15 inches perfectly.


  • Has enough room for most of your everyday carry-on items. Besides the laptop compartment and the main compartment, there are 5 other spaces wide enough to fit other items such as novels, iPads, Kindle, cables, water bottles, notebooks etc
  • The bag is a result of superior construction that allows it to stay in shape and appear full even when not fully packed. The leather edges function to keep the canvas in position, which protects the bag from looking deflated when half full.
  • The crazy horse leather gives the bag arugged vintage look that is trendy, courtesy of its naturally distressed appearance, adding to its uniqueness and beauty.
  • The Lifewit’s coffee/grey color renders it multipurpose and okay for both men and women to carry.


  • The fabric is not waterproof, which makes it unfit for use in wet areas.
  • May not fit laptops of a size bigger than 15 inches without force.
  • The straps lack foam padding at shoulder, making them difficult to wear for long especially with a full bag.

Summary – Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag

With the assortment of features fitted on it, the Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag is rendered ideal for its purpose of carrying your laptop and its related accessories without hassle. It is designed to give the holder a completely trouble-free and enjoyable experience from the moment they set out, coupled with the assurances of safety and protection. In addition to its ability to carry laptops of a wide range of sizes, the bag also courts stylish appeal with its cowhide leather, designed to look distressed for a rugged look. Its superior construction guarantees a medium size product that can be carried with straps whose buckling and reinforcement is nothing if not top notch.

It also guarantees a proper shape when the bag is not in full use, which is uncommon for many other bags. It’s evident that the magic is in the details, as shown by the strategic placement of the straps which facilitates easier weight distribution during movement, and makes the bag lighter as a result. From a usability point of view, the bag is ideal for use. The fact that it comes with every necessary feature that a good laptop bag should have, such as padding in inner compartments, magnetic clasps for lock up and lots of room for other items is one of its strongest points.

Comparisons/Possible Alternatives to Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag

When compared with its competitors on the market, the Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Top Laptop Bag fairs favorably on many fronts. Considering quality, price, functionality and user reviews, this bag model’s closest competitors include the Brinch Multifunctional Suit Fabric Laptop Bag and the Anti-Theft Business Laptop Bag by Mancro Black. Considering price, the Lifewit emerges at the higher endof the spectrum. Quality wise, neither Brinch’s suit fabric neoprene nor Mancro’s eco-friendly nylon can outshine Lifewit’s leather and canvas material combination. Still, they are both more effective at being water repellant and quite bigger in size, which translates to less room for items in the Lifewit. Notwithstanding, the Lifewit’s sturdy construction makes it a better option than both alternatives for longer use. Considering size, the Mancro’s laptop compartment is an inch bigger than the Lifewit’s, which in turn is bigger than the Brinch’s.

This ranges it in the middle, which indicates the presence of a fair amount of room for your items. Previous customers have made reports of poor padding on the shoulder straps, which make carriage difficult. Overall, the bag fares nicely among its competitors, above whom it stands in features such as quality, despite the wide gap in price.


After considering the Lifewit’s qualities and the possible alternatives to it, we recommend it as a bag you should buy, especially if you’re looking for that’s easy to carry and keeps you organized without trying too hard. While deciding on the laptop bag to purchase, one should largely consider comfort, design, longevity, material and size as the major determinants.  The Lifewit comes complete with high-quality material for an exterior, which covers up for the material and longevity factors. Its size is medium and lightweight, hence easy to carry by a person of any height and large enough for carrying your laptop and its accessories.

Its distressed cowhide leather exterior is a witness to its stylish vibe and design, while its long shoulder straps provide the ultimate comfort during usage, courtesy of their strategic placement that balances the bag’s weight. As shown above, the Lifewit Leather Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag merges simplicity, authenticity, and functionality to give you a comfortable user experience. For requirements that include enough space for your stuff, a trendy look, good quality material and ease of usability at a fair price, you can’t get worse than this. The Lifewit is the bag you’ve been looking for.