Hynes Eagle Messenger Bag Review

Hynes Eagle Messenger Bag is made from durable leather and canvas. The bag has one big pocket that can fit any size of laptop. The main pocket has a zip for opening and closing. There is a flip cover that is fastened by leather straps.

The straps come with bronze coated buckles for adjusting their length. Just beneath the front flap, there are zippered pockets that can be used to store accessories that are needed on a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, there is an extra zippered pocket at the rear of the bag. The pocket is wide and deep to accommodate accessories, such as laptop charger and notebooks. The Hynes Eagle Messenger Bag also has a padded handle at the top to enable you to carry it with one hand.

Since carrying the bag for a long time can be tiring, the package comes with a removable shoulder strap. Installing the strap is like a walk in the park because the bag has rings for hooking it. Due to its leather and canvas construction, the bag is resistant to water.


  • Sleek design
  • Made from leather and canvas
  • Roomy compartments
  • Modern vintage appeal
  • Holds 14 inch laptop


  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Rear zippered pocket
  • Front flap cover with zippered pockets
  • Single top handle
  • Waterproof


  • Can’t be carried as backpack
  • Not multipurpose


Hynes Eagle Messenger Bag has a stunning outlook. The bag has a long lifespan due to its solid construction. The bag comes with a shoulder strap that is removable. The shoulder strap is very convenient when you’re walking for a long distance with the bag loaded.

Your laptop can fit nicely in the main pocket that has a zip. Additionally, the buckles are made from bronze and so they can’t rust. There is an extra pocket at the back of the bag for keeping the things you need the most, such as mouse, camera, CDs and charger.


It goes without saying that Hynes Eagle Messenger Bag is worth trying. Nonetheless, there are other bags that can be compared with it.  Snugg Crossbody Laptop Bag is the first alternative. The bag is made from PU leather and so it can’t be damaged by water.

The main internal pocket can hold a laptop that measures 17 inches. The bag comes with many interior pockets, including dividers and sleeves for keeping pens and other mobile device accessories.

The bag has an outstanding pocket at the back that’s zippered. Moreover, there are zippered pockets on the sides of the bag. The top of the bag is fitted with a padded handle for holding with one hand. You can also carry the bag over your back using the padded shoulder strap. The strap is detachable and so you can remove it if you don’t need it.

S-ZONE Tote Bag is the second alternative. The bag comes with one front pocket that’s raised to increase its storage capacity. This pocket can be used to carry a notepad, movies, charger and flash disk. There is a main compartment for holding a laptop that measures 14 inches.

Other than a laptop, the main pocket can be used to keep A4 size documents. The bag comes with additional pockets on the sides for keeping personal items, such as tissue and phone among many other things. The bag has a stylish shoulder strap that is designed to be detachable.


Snugg Crossbody Laptop Bag is definitely at the top of this ranking. As a matter of fact, it’s not surprising to realize that the bag currently enjoys over 600 customer reviews on Amazon. The bag gives you the preferences of carrying it with one hand or swinging it over your back using a shoulder strap. The advantage of using the strap is that you can carry your luggage over a long distance.

This ability is enhanced by padding the shoulder strap to avoid irritating your shoulder. The grab handle at the top of the bag is recommended when the case does not contain many things that would make it heavy to lift.

With this bag, there is no limit to what you can carry. This is because it’s fitted with many pockets to utilize the little space that’s available. The downside is that the bag can’t be carried as a backpack.

Hynes Eagle Messenger Bag is the second best deal in this ranking. The bag is made from durable leather and canvas. Its main compartment is large enough to fit a standard size laptop and a few books.

In fact, it has a wide pocket at the back that can be used to carry big documents and accessories. Moreover, there are extra pockets under the front flap for holding tiny accessories, such as pens and notebooks.

The downside is that the bag can’t be carried as a backpack.

S-ZONE Tote Bag is at the bottom of this list. The bag is rather small when compared to the others. However, it’s still worth buying because it comes with multiple pockets. The most noticeable pockets are on the sides of the bag. Besides that, there is a main pocket that’s covered by a flap that has a fastening strap.

A shoulder strap is provided for carrying the bag behind your back. The downside is that the bag can’t fit laptops that exceed 14 inches.