How to Wear a Laptop Bag

Laptops are essential mobile devices for the on-the-go person, but they are quite high-priced, which means it is always worthwhile investing in a high-quality sleeve, case or bag. Laptop accessories for protecting against knocks and bumps aren’t just functional but can also be very aesthetically pleasing. But to ensure they last long, they need to be handled/carried in the best way possible.

Whether you prefer a messenger bag, backpack, sleeve or a briefcase-like bag for a laptop bag, you need to know how well the bag should be worn. Yeah, yeah I believe you’ve been carrying such bags for some time, and you feel like it’s something you know. The truth is, very few people can wear a laptop bag in the right manner. Here are some of the most popular types of laptop bags and how you should wear/carry them.

Messenger Bag

A messenger bag is a very practical and popular option for protecting the laptop while in transit. A messenger bag comes with long straps, often adjustable, which rest on either shoulder, making it very convenient to use. Messenger-styled bags are often quite spacious which makes them perfect for carrying many items for the office or school. Multiple compartments or pockets often feature to make it easy to separate the different gear you are carrying. It is often best not to over pack this style of bag as it can get quite weighty on the shoulder, which if you’re traveling for a long-distance can be uncomfortable.

How to wear it

Messenger bags come with two straps that are worn on the shoulders. For a snug fit, you can pull the straps and make them short, so the bag hugs your back to prevent jarring. If you sweat a lot and don’t want the bag too close to your back, adjust the straps to make them long so that the bag is a little loose on your back.

Wearing the bag on one shoulder is not bad, but you should swap it to the other shoulder to avoid straining the backbone.


If you travel a lot, probably attending business meetings, a briefcase bag can come in handy. Most of them are crafted from leather, a factor that makes them so appealing to many people. Most of them have adequate space to accommodate your laptop, documents, and a few other essentials.

How to carry it

A briefcase might be carried by either using a shoulder strap or attached handle. When not in use, keep it on its bottom and not its side.


A backpack computer bag is perfect for those carrying quite a bit of weight, such as the laptop plus an array of books or folders. As the backpack straps over both shoulders, it is able to evenly distribute the weight, and that means it is more comfortable to wear. Backpack styled cases are often a popular choice for the student who carries several large textbooks, notebooks, and computer on a daily journey.


Laptop sleeves are designed to protect laptops from getting scratched by other items. They are thin and mostly don’t extra space for other items. Only a few can provide space for smaller items like memory card sticks, mice, and cables.

Laptop sleeves can serve as a complete cover or carried inside briefcases, backpacks and messenger bags. They are produced in plain colors. However, some manufacturers are starting to produce them in different colors and designs.

A popular construction material for the laptop sleeve is neoprene, which is a very soft and protective material, and safeguards the mobile devices against dirt, dust, moisture, and scratch marks.

How to carry it

Put it inside another bag or briefcase, and you are ready to go. If (and only if) you are a DIY pro weaver, you can find a way to add a shoulder strap on it so you can carry it on its own.

Once you know how to wear or carry a laptop bag with aplomb, the chances are high that your bag will live to serve you for many years. For efficiency, you also need to be cautious of items you keep in your bag. Sharp objects and capless pens will tear your bag’s sturdy fabric and shorten its lifespan. Keep each item in its compartment and do not overload your bag.

Another point to remember when it comes to taking care of your bag is cleaning. Some bags are made from leather hence can be dusted with a mere piece of cloth. Non-leather bags can be washed once in a while to avoid dust accumulation. If you over wash them, their fabric will lose its toughness, and the bag will serve you for a shorter duration than expected.

When a laptop bag has outlived its efficiency, there is less that you can do to restore its “youthfulness.” Do not insist on taking it to a tailor to add some patches; unless you are doing a complete repair, just let it be.

Wrap up

The importance of laptop bags cannot be underestimated in our current world. We use them to carry our laptops and other vital office equipment that help us do our work from any place we want. One of the practices that ensure the bag lives long is handling and carrying in the right manner. Wearing your laptop bag and letting it swing in all the directions puts your laptop (and your valuable data) at risk.

If the bag is made of straps, wear it over your shoulders and make it tight to a comfortable level. If it’s briefcase-like, carry it by the handle and make sure you make the grip as firm as you can. Also, you should be able to match the bag with your attire at times to project a pleasing professional or casual look. You’ll be surprised how well people treat those who know how to don impeccably.