How to Carry a Laptop Bag

How to carry a laptop bag without hurting yourself

Laptops are usually heavy, and people who use them often tend to strain their shoulders all day long whenever they are on the move. Using a laptop bag is a great way to protect your laptop and an easy way to bring your laptop while keeping your hands-free of anything for convenience. You can put it in a laptop bag and conveniently hang it on your shoulder.

There are many shapes and size of laptop bags, but it is necessary to get the one which is of the exact size as your laptop for perfect fit. Most people get confused on how to carry a laptop bag since the strap can be worn cross-ways or just simply hanging on the side of one shoulder.

The more weight you carry, the more it tends to strain your body posture, so you need to balance out the weight in such a way that is light and easy to manage. If you are carrying weight more than your capacity, it will be more challenging to follow the right posture while carrying it. Here are some of the ways which can help reduce the weight of your shoulder for carrying the laptop bag.

You can forget the question on “How to carry a laptop bag” after reading this list. The list goes as:

  • Carry the bag according to your weight. Suppose you weigh 125 pounds, then aim to carry a bag of about 10 pounds maximum. If you carry heavier than that, then it may cause you spinal pain.
  • Keep fewer loads in the bag. If you have a laptop bag, then consider just putting the laptop in it. Do not carry files or notebooks to make it heavier.
  • If you are a girl carrying a laptop bag, then leave your handbag at home. Do not carry extra stuff with a laptop Keep the necessary stuff in the laptop bag and avoid taking a handbag everywhere.
  • When you have too much stuff in the laptop bag, consider placing the heavy items at the bottom part of the bag.
  • There are always two straps which support the laptop bag so make sure to align them properly and use both of them together at the same time. The two-fold straps help you maintain your posture correctly thus you are less prone to any pain. You can also swap hanging it from one shoulder to another shoulder. Make sure to keep your files evenly spread out in the bag to always keep balance
  • Try to keep the bag close to body while it’s on your shoulder. The closer it is, the better you will be able to carry and manage it. If it keeps swinging, then it will surely hurt your back and spine. So hold it while you have it on your shoulder and walk along while keeping it close to your body.


How to carry a laptop bag without hurting yourself requires attention on simple tricks which you need to follow. If you are conscious enough so as not  to fall into the trap of pain, then this  list provide you some of the dos and don’ts which you can follow. Usually, some people do not realize what has caused pain in their body.

People ignore the fact that they have been carrying their bag the wrong way which hurts them. There is no hard rule on how to carry your laptop bag. It’s usually hanged on one shoulder but you can also pull it over the head and cross it over your chest carrying it sideways, but that usually only works when the bag is light.

Make sure to purchase the appropriate bag size according to your laptop size because if you have a bigger size, it will create more strain in your body. Laptops are essential in our daily lives so it’s virtually unavoidable to carry them around everywhere nowadays, but you can surely find efficient ways to carry it.