Dusroc Classic Vintage Backpack Review

Dusroc Classic Vintage Backpack is an all-round bag because it can be used as a messenger bag or a briefcase. The bag is also suitable for hikers as it’s fitted with a waist strap. The backpack has straps that are fastened using stainless steel buckles and clasps. Transforming the bag from a backpack to a briefcase is pretty simple. You just connect the shoulder strap on the rings provided and you’re good to go. In fact, you can increase or decrease the length of the shoulder strap.

If you don’t want to use the shoulder strap, there is a padded handle on one side of the bag that lets you carry the backpack like a briefcase. The exterior of the bag is made from canvas so rain water can’t go through it. The bag comes with many pockets that have zips for enclosing your documents and accessories. The interior of the bag is covered with high quality satin.


  • Genuine leather accents
  • Tough water resistant canvas exterior
  • Sturdy construction
  • Quality brand zippers
  • Satin lining


  • Waist strap for hiking and back support
  • Shoulder strap adapts briefcase into messenger bag
  • Converts from backpack to briefcase
  • Top and side handle for multiple carry options
  • Numerous pockets and chambers for handy storage
  • 6 month warranty


  • No wheels
  • Zips might jam


You can use Dusroc Classic Vintage Backpack the way you want. Even if you don’t own a laptop, you can use it to carry books and documents. The good thing is that you can change it from a backpack into a briefcase instantly. The bag has one handle on the side and another one at the top to give you the flexibility of carrying it in the most comfortable way.

This bag can also be used by hikers and that’s why it’s fitted with a waist strap for supporting the luggage. The exterior is made from canvas and so it’s water resistant. The bag comes with many pockets for storing your personal items while travelling. Moreover, the bag has a stable construction that guarantees the safety of your laptop.


Dusroc Classic Vintage Backpack is a reliable transportation tool because it’s designed to protect your laptop from water and shock. However, there are other bags that can match with its features. AmazonBasics Backpack is a top of the range laptop bag. The bag has the capacity of holding laptops that measure 15 to 17 inches. The bag comes with mesh pockets on the sides for holding water containers. The sleeve that accommodates the laptop is padded to prevent the device from being damaged by shocks.

AmazonBasics Backpack comes with multiple compartments for keeping your accessories. Besides that, the compartments are closed using zips. You can carry your luggage in one piece, without having to bring along extra bags.

The straps are padded and can be adjusted to fit perfectly on your shoulders. It’s possible to carry the backpack with one hand because it’s fitted with a padded handle at the top. The advantage of this handle is that you can switch between left and right hand.

SwissGear SA1908 Laptop Backpack is another top rated alternative. There are currently more than 1000 customer reviews on Amazon for this bag. The bag has the capacity of holding a laptop that measures 17 inches.

Additionally, it’s made to last a long time due to its weave fabric construction. The backpack comes with many pockets that are large enough to accommodate tablets, books, chargers and documents. In fact, each pocket has a zip for closing and opening. The pockets are arranged in a sequential manner to help you open the bag in an organized way. The compartment that houses the laptop is designed to open flat so that your device can be seen clearly when you’re being screened by authorities.

There are actually straps inside the laptop compartment for fastening it tightly to prevent it from moving back and forth while you’re on the move. You can place water bottles in the mesh pockets that are on the sides of the backpack. As a matter of fact, any size of bottle can fit into the pockets due to their flexible nature. Moreover, the bag is very comfortable to carry due to the fact that it has a backflow air system.


These are so far the best laptop bags in this category. SwissGear SA1908 Laptop Backpack is definitely the best deal on this list. The backpack comes with internal straps for holding the laptop tightly. Moreover, the bag has adjustable shoulder straps that are well padded. There are many pockets on the bag, including mesh pockets for carrying water bottles. The downside is that the zips may jam and call for immediate replacement.

Dusroc Classic Vintage Backpack is the second best deal on this list. The bag comes with two handles to enable you hold it the way you like. The bag comes with shoulder straps for carrying it on your back. Moreover, the bag has a removable shoulder strap and a waist strap. The bag has ample storage space thanks to the multiple pockets. The downside is that it costs more than the other bags on this list.

AmazonBasics Backpack is at the bottom of this ranking. The bag is simple and yet spacious. It comes with compartments that are meant for holding your laptop and accessories separately. The shoulder straps feel comfortable on your shoulders because they are padded. There are pockets on the sides for holding bottle water. The downside is that the bag lacks a shoulder strap.