Designer Sleeves Executive Laptop Sleeve Review

Designer Sleeves Executive Laptop Sleeve is very unique. The sleeve bag is lightweight and has a stylish outlook. The laptop sleeve is constructed from high quality rubber and so it’s resistant to water. The sleeve bag comes in various designs to give you the freedom of choosing the color that appeals to you.

The bag has two pockets; one on the inside and another on the outside. The inside pocket is bigger because it’s meant for holding your laptop. Moreover, it has a zip for closing and opening it. You can put your accessories, such as CDs, modem, mouse and charger in the outside pocket because it also has a zip.

Keeping your accessories in a separate compartment helps in protecting the laptop body from getting scratches.

The main pocket of the Designer Sleeves Executive Laptop Sleeve is designed to hold a laptop that’s up to 17 inches. The neoprene cushions are installed in the bag to resist shock that’s usually experienced during transportations. Your laptop can therefore survive from falls and knocks.

The sleeve bag comes with a shoulder strap that’s padded to give you comfort while carrying the laptop. Additionally, the strap is removable and so you can detach it from the bag and use the padded handle.


  • Neoprene construction
  • Shoulder strap
  • Hand held handle
  • Lightweight
  • Available in various colors


  • Water resistant
  • One main zippered pocket
  • Carries up to 17 inches laptop
  • One external zippered pocket
  • Padded and removable shoulder strap
  • Padded handle
  • Cheap


  • Only one internal pocket
  • Zips can jam


You can carry Designer Sleeves Executive Laptop Sleeve bag the way you want. You can use the padded shoulder strap when you want to walk for a long distance and your shoulder will not be irritated. Even if you carry the bag using one hand, you will still enjoy the comfort due to the fact that it’s also padded.

The inside pocket that is reserved for housing the laptop is cushioned with neoprene to protect your device from knocks and bumps. There is an external sleeve for carrying your belongings, such as movies and chargers.


Designer Sleeves Executive Laptop Sleeve bag is worth trying. But, there are other equally good bags in the market.  Case Logic VNCI-217 Laptop Case is the first alternative to Designer Sleeves.

This laptop bag is very popular, as evidenced by its more than a 1,000 customer reviews on Amazon. The case is black in color and it can hold any laptop that’s within the range of 15 to 17.3 inches. The laptop case is resistant to shock and water because its walls are covered with durable pads.

It’s not wise to store important documents in the same compartment with the laptop. That’s why the case comes with a slip pocket for holding such documents to make sure they remain in good shape.

There is a small pocket at the front of the case and so you can keep the accessories that you use the most in it. In fact, the front pocket is spacious and can therefore accommodate larger accessories, such as a laptop charger and a tablet.

The case has two zips that move in either side. The zips let you open the bag completely, so that you can remove all your items at once. The package comes with a detachable shoulder strap that is well padded to avoid straining your shoulders.

The strap is actually adjustable and you can set it the way you want. Besides that, the case is fitted with a padded handle that makes it fun to carry your laptop with one hand. The deal is backed by a 25 year warranty.

CoolBell Nylon Laptop Bag is the second alternative to Designer Sleeves.  For a start, the laptop bag is very fashionable and so it can blend well with your professional outfits. The bag has multi-compartments. The bigger compartment measures 15.6 inches. The other compartments are for keeping other items, such as movies, receipts, pens, tablets and notebooks.

The bag is resistant to all kinds of force, thanks to the in-built shock and waterproof foam. You can carry the bag on your shoulder using the shoulder strap that is provided. The shoulder strap is adjustable, padded and removable.

Alternatively, you can carry the bag with one hand using the padded handle.


These are the best-selling laptop bags on the market. Case Logic VNCI-217 is at the top of this ranking. This is because it costs less than the other bags and it comes with unique features. Its walls are padded to make it resistant to shocks.

Moreover, it comes with a removable and padded shoulder strap. It’s fitted with a padded handle for carrying with one hand and it has many pockets that are closed and opened using zips. The downside is that the zips can jam and require replacement.

Designer Sleeves Executive Laptop Sleeve bag is the second best deal. The sleeve bag looks unique due to its trendy outlook. Nonetheless, it’s a nice bag because it comes with a shoulder strap that’s padded, and a handle. It has two zippered pockets only. The main pocket is large enough to hold a 17 inch laptop. The downside is that it has few pockets and the zips can jam.

CoolBell Nylon Laptop Bag is at the bottom of this ranking. If you want a bag that has many pockets, this is the ultimate deal. The laptop bag is constructed from hybrid nylon material. The package includes a detachable shoulder strap that has anti-slip pad.

Furthermore, the length of the strap is adjustable. For those that like carrying their laptop with one hand, there is a padded handle at the top of the bag. The downside is that the bag can’t hold bigger laptops because it measures 15 inches