Brinch Portable Laptop Bag

For people who use and carry their laptops around every day, nothing is as important as the laptop’s overall safety, both in use and in the carriage. Laptops are vulnerable to lots of things, which make protecting them even more difficult. Enter the laptop bags, specifically designed with special compartments for holding laptops with maximum safety. The Brinch Multifunctional Suit Fabric Laptop Bag for Laptop, Macbook, Notebook or Tablet is a product with a difference.
The unique simplistic Envelope design of this laptop bag adds a unique and sleek style to it. This bag features an adjustable shoulder strap to comfortably fit both short and tall person and a side handle for you to carry your laptop in comfort.

It’s not every day that you come across a bag specifically designed to meet the needs of laptop owners while maintaining a modern, casual sense of style. The Brinch Multifunctional Suit Fabric Laptop Bag is that kind of bag, designed with the principal aim of making laptop carriage simpler and safer.

It is 400mm long, 270 mm high and 70 mm wide on the exterior, and comes fitted with its own set of unique and important features. The front pocket is ideal for storage of small items like your external hard disk, power adapter, and notepads or some other small accessories.

Features – Brinch Multifunctional Suit Fabric Portable Laptop Bag

  • Made of strongly woven suit fabric neoprene,
  • Interiors are made from soft polyester foam padding and fitted with thick velvet layering
  • Magnetic snaps on the bag’s front
  • Zippers on most compartments
  • Dedicated laptop compartment that can fit laptops of 15 inches and below
  • Long, adjustable and padded shoulder straps and side handles


  • Comes with enough space to fit laptop computers of 13″, 14″ and 14.1″ inches with some to spare.
  • Has partially waterproof exterior and padded interior for better shock proofing.
  • Has more room in form of two other compartments i.e. the front which contains two small pockets and the back which contain a wide pocket for items like tablets.
  • The grey/ light purple color and its slim, minimalistic envelope design render it multifunctional and wearable by both men and women.


  • The zippers are not of good quality and may not last long.
  • Larger sized laptops of 15″, 15.6″ etc. cannot fit.
  • The bag comes with plastic strap connectors that tend to squeak with movement and may break apart after some time.
  • The bag’s seams are attached with stitches that are prone to tearing over time, especially those at the joint where the straps are fixed to the bag. With regular use, the straps are more likely to snap.
  • The neoprene fabric isn’t really porous enough to allow exchange of air for your computer.
  • The straps are attached to the backside instead of the usual opposite sides of the bag, creating a sense of imbalance when carrying it due to the apparent unequal distribution of weight.

An overall Assessment

Considering all its features and limitations, it is safe to say that the Brinch laptop bag is fit for its purpose as laptop carrier. It comes with every feature and section required for the proper functioning of a laptop bag, including the dedicated laptop compartment, thick padding on the interior, the long adjustable shoulder straps, additional pockets for computer accessories, zippers and side handles. It’s designed with less attention to the detail on the exterior but fitted perfectly to enable safe carriage for your laptop.

In addition to the soft foam padding, the bag’s fitting of thick velvety layering on its inside proves a proper form of protection against scratches and the occasional bump. The bag can carry 13 and 14 inch laptops perfectly, in addition to a few other items in its other pockets and sections.

Magnetic straps and zippers are added for closure purposes, even though the zippers do not fulfill their purpose to the maximum. It features a simplistic but trendy envelope design and comes in a mixture of both subtle and bold colors.

Overall, and with the exception of a few low-quality features, the Brinch laptop bag is wholly functional and ideal for light usage.

Comparison with other bags in same category

Digging further into the world of laptop bags turns up a lot of comparisons to the Brinch laptop bag. But no other bag models fit the comparison better than the Lifewit Business Laptop Bag and the Anti-Theft Laptop Bag by Mancro Black. Slightly similar in design and usage, all three bags are highly popular among computer owners today.

When compared with its competitors, the Brinch laptop bag fares very nicely in a number of categories. Its minimalistic design pays less attention to exterior detail than both Mancro’s and the Lifewit, while its price, though on the lower end, ranks much lower than the Lifewit’s.

Brinch’s suit fabric may be tough and waterproof, but it’s still no match for Lifewit’s leather and canvas or Mancro’s eco-friendly nylon exteriors. The Brinch’s construction is definitely the poorest among the three.

It’s had more negative reviews about construction flaws such as the zipper flaws than any of its competitors. It also comes with less room for items, including larger sized laptops, than its competitors due to its small size.

Overall, the Brinch laptop bag’s alternatives fare much better than it in most categories, especially due to its design faults and space limitations.

Verdict: To Buy or not to buy?

The Brinch Multifunctional Suit Fabric Laptop Bag comes with every feature that a good laptop bag should have. Right from a dedicated laptop compartment, long enough shoulder straps for handling and thick enough padding for thicker protection, this bag has it all. But that is what makes it the bag you might think again before buying.

Considering all the other models with similar features, the Brinch comes off as inadequately fitted in some categories. Its design flaws such as the faulty zippers and its limited room earn it a lower rank on the list of the best laptop bags to buy.

That said, the Brinch bag is still a good bag, shaped and designed for a particular purpose beyond which it is not very functional. It is not cut out for heavy or daily usage like most bags, or designed to carry lots of stuff at once.

If you’re on a budget but need a medium sized bag that looks stylish on your shoulder and has just enough space for your 14.1″ or less laptop and its accessories, this is the bag for you. But if you have bigger room requirements, or willing to spend more or, look around for better, bigger bags.