Brinch Laptop Shoulder Strap Bag

Briefcase brief: Why you need the Brinch Laptop Bag

Imagine walking from your downtown office to the courthouse. It is only a block to get there and your bag is super unmanageable. Apart from being uncomfortable on your shoulder and difficult to carry, it is unstylish and tough to keep organized. You decide the bag is best left in the office for today.

So, as you are carrying your giant stack of papers and your ever-important laptop, a friend says hello as they pass. You look up to smile at them, and at the same time you stub your toe on a crack in the sidewalk.

Apart from your laptop shattering, never to be repaired again, all of your important papers go flying. Confidential information is spilled into the street and you must rush through traffic, with an aching toe, to try and scramble to pick them all up before your meeting. Okay, sure, your situation has likely not been as dramatic as this scene fit for a movie, however a few of the issues mentioned above could be something you are dealing with. Briefcases can be an annoying, but necessary, addition to your business’s needs.

That is, unless you find the right briefcase. Suddenly a cumbersome bag can be a useful addition to your work life that you cannot live without, if you find the right bag for you.

If you are shopping for briefcases, you should consider the BRINCH 15.6 inch New Fashion Laptop Computer Case Cover Sleeve Shoulder Strap Bag with Side Pockets Handles and Detachable for Macbook Pro Retina 15 inch – Black.


  • The Brinch briefcase is not your average bag.
  • For starters, a highlight of this particular bag is that it has foam padding specifically for electronics like a Macbook Pro iPad, a Chromebook, Kindle and more. This bag has modern technology in mind, so it’s not your grandma’s old bag.
  • This bag also has very smooth zippers that glide easily, rather than sticking or holding any of your items hostage.
  • Unlike classic briefcases, this bag offers many more storage options. There are two main pockets, made of the center, large pocket for holding papers, and a smaller front pocket that has many compartments for storing smaller items.
  • Having a specific place in your bag to store smaller things means they will not be lost in the madness of the larger pocket and become buried beneath larger items like file folders and your laptop.
  • This bag looks stylish for both men and women, especially because it comes in so many different colors to choose from. However, if you are a woman, the smaller pocket can be particularly ideal because it can store smaller items that would typically be stored in a purse. With this briefcase, you will not have to bring multiple bags with you to and from the workplace.


  • Comes in multiple sizes, including 14, 15.6, 17.3, and 18.4 inches
  • Can be purchased in six different colors including black, grey, purple, red and light grey
  • Has a padded strap for comfort
  • Includes padding on the bottom and sides to protect your electronics and personal belongings


  • There is not quite as much padding on the bottom as on the sides
  • Bag is not quite as durable as others


This bag is great for storage, while appearing stylish and professional. For what you get, the price point is great because it is not overly expensive for all of its amenities.

This bag can fit just about any size computer and it is nice to have the options to choose exactly what you would like. However, it can be difficult to know if this bag will last for an extremely long time. If you are looking for something that you can use for years to come, this bag may not be the one for you. The construction is not quite as durable as others on the market, however it is also at a lower price point.

Depending on how much you want to spend, this bag could be the accessory you need to organize and simplify your work life. If you are a woman, it could also help with fatigue because you can stop carrying a purse since you will have additional storage for smaller items.


If you are considering a briefcase as your next purchase, you should do your due diligence and research multiple options so that you are sure you have spent your hard-earned money wisely.

Another briefcase for you to consider is the CoolBell(TM) 15.6 inch Laptop Bag With Strap Messenger Bag Single-shoulder Handle bag Briefcase Nylon Cloth Waterproof Multi-compartment For iPad Pro/Macbook/Asus/Lenovo for Men/Women/Business (Black).

This bag is at about the same price point, but has differing features. Depending on what you need in your briefcase, this could be a good option for you to consider.

One helpful accessory to this bag is that it is waterproof, including the foam that is meant to protect your laptop. This can be helpful so that it does not soak up water and then transfer that to your electronics.

A disadvantage of this bag is that it does not have as many options. This briefcase only comes in two sizes, 15.6 and 17.3 inches, and in four colors, black, grey, purple and new grey.


Every businesswoman or businessman needs to keep their life as simple as possible to save from stressing more than is required at their job. The root of a lot of issues in the workplace is organization, and a great way to keep up with everything is a great, portable system that can keep you on track.The Brinch briefcase can do this for you because it has so many convenient compartments to keep everything where you want it to be.

This bag is extremely affordable; however, it does come at the price of less protective foam for your devices and is less durable. If you are the type of person who likes to drop their laptop straight into your bag instead of placing it there, or prefers to throw your bag on the floor instead of sitting it there, you may want to consider something else.

However, if you treat this bag well, it should last you for quite some time and become a valuable addition to your workday.