Brinch Laptop Backpack vs. Portable Laptop Bag

It is ideal for people to be able to carry all their stuff anytime and anywhere. Whether it be a laptop, books, umbrella, etc., people need to have something to help them carry the things they need throughout the day. Bags are one of the things you see a person use on daily basis. From workers to students, young and old, male or female, everybody uses bags.

Bags help us store and carry our everyday essentials. Bag is actually an essential that holds all our other essentials. There is a wide variety of bags in the market such as backpacks, cross-body bags, shoulder bags, purses and so on. The most common type of bags used by people are backpacks and laptop bags.

Backpacks are mostly used by students. Most people on the go use backpacks as well because it stores a lot more things compared to other types of bags. Laptop bags are used by people who need their laptop more than anything else for their daily tasks. There is this brand that sells both good backpacks and laptop bags.

Brinch is a bag company from UK that sells bags that are compatible for laptops. The company crafts their products according to the needs and taste of their customers. Because they sell both good backpacks and laptop bags, let’s try to evaluate what type of bag between the two is more suitable to use depending on different needs. The qualities to consider in deciding which of the two types of bag is better are capacity, durability and comfort.

Brinch Multifunctional Laptop Backpack

This multifunctional laptop backpack of Brinch is perfect for people who own laptops with screens that are up to 17 inches. It has an integrated laptop compartment. The bag is more spacious than that of a normal laptop bag as it also provides room for a book or two. It has a comfortable bag strap design that will make it easy for someone to carry the bag and has an airflow back system.

Not only does this bag has a huge roomy compartment, it also comes with mesh pockets for holding other important stuff such as lunchbox, umbrella and such. The bag is made of rugged nylon for durability and longevity.


  • Easy to transport because of its padded straps that provides comfort
  • Durable and made out of an anti-scratch material
  • Wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Well within the budget


  • Bulkier and bigger which makes it unappealing
  • Backpacks causes back pain when it carries heavy stuff
  • Top heavy backpack which may possibly cause imbalance


The Brinch Multifunctional Laptop Backpack is a good backpack but it is for traveling rather than schooling and working. It provides durability that one can ask for in a backpack and provides proper protection not only for the laptop but also other important things. The mesh pockets are also useful for storing other small important stuff. All in all, this bag is not a bad deal for those who bring more stuff than usual for their daily jobs.

Brinch Multifunctional Portable Laptop Bag

Another good product of Brinch is their multifunctional portable laptop bag. It is simple yet durable and it guarantees protection to laptops up to 15.6 inches in screen size. It has an interior size of 385x265x65mm. It can hold other important documents along with the laptop. It has a wide variety of colors to choose from such as dark purple, black, pink, gray, purple and taro.

Other than the handle, it has a cross body strap that is adjustable to perfectly fit the height of the person using the laptop bag. This product is also made from durable nylon fabric which makes it sturdy and has padding for comfort.


  • Sleek and slender that is perfect for carrying around anywhere
  • Provides both function and fashion
  • Cross-body and hand-carry options depending on the preference of the user
  • Budget-friendly laptop bag


  • Not as spacious as the backpack
  • Might not be able to hold really heavy laptops because of its small feature
  • Cross-body strap might not be as durable because the hardware is made out of plastic


This multifunctional portable laptop bag from Brinch is a good laptop bag for its price. With its unique envelope design, it will surely provide a trendy and professional look. There may be some downsides to this product such as not being able to hold a lot of stuff other than the laptop but nonetheless, it will still enable the user to store his laptop and a few documents inside.


The Brinch Multifunctional Laptop backpack is the better choice from the two products. It has some lows such as being bulky but it still gave check with the three qualities we are looking for which is a better bag choice. Its capacity can hold the laptop and a book or two along with other important daily stuff such as chargers, umbrellas, lunchbox, etc.

The padded straps and airflow back system provides excellent comfort to the user. Lastly, the backpack is made out of durable rugged nylon material and is anti-scratch which guarantees to make the backpack last longer. The backpack is surely the better pick between the two.