Best Rolling Laptop Bags

Rolling bags are popular today more than ever, thanks to their assortment of unique features that have proven a godsend for every day users. Their biggest advantage lies in their biggest feature, which is the fact that they can be rolled on the ground when one gets tired. For travelling businessmen, this makes carrying luggage a whole lot easier. The regular laptop bag might be good for every day usage; notwithstanding, it still lacks wheels for easy rolling.

Picking the right laptop bag is more difficult now more than ever, thanks to the many bag models on the market. It is made even harder by the increasing number of counterfeit and poor quality bags on the market, which unsuspecting users are prone to buying. But with this rolling bag guide, it should be easy to make a choice based on your requirements as regards material, design, construction, space, price and overall quality.

Below we look at three of the best rolling laptop bags on the market today.

Samsonite 15.6 inch Classic Wheeled Business Case

Largely made of rugged 1680 Denier Ballistic nylon, which happens to be one of the toughest and most durable materials out there. For even the biggest room requirements, the bag comes with enough room in form of three compartments that include a padded laptop compartment for computers of up to 16 inches and an overnight section that can hold a fair amount of clothing and large files.

The computer section is close enough to allow quicker access to the computer during airport checkout too. Additional pockets are presented in each of the compartments for smaller accessories, including the smaller front compartment whose pockets facilitate easier access of smaller items such as tickets, pens etc.

It has thick heavy duty zippers on all its compartments in addition to expertly constructed smooth wheels at the bottom, placed in line with the strong telescopic handle at the top.

Wenger Patriot Laptop Bag

This Wenger Patriot rolling bag is undoubtedly one of the largest and most popular rolling laptop bags on the market, with enough room for your laptop, its accessories, documents, clothing and lots more.

It comes with four major compartments, including a separate briefcase that can hold a 16 inch laptop in addition to an actual compartment that can take 17 inch laptops. The other three compartments can hold large sized documents, spare clothing, phones and other computer accessories. The front zipped pocket is ideal for storing items that you need to access quickly.

It also features a comfortable and long enough trolley handle that supports its weight and size. Its exterior is made of thick polyester with high quality leather covering the edges. For durability, its wheels are chrome accented and properly constructed. With an additional set of side handles for alternative handling, this is easily one of the most functional bags out there.

Solo Classic 17.3 inch Laptop Rolling Case, Black PT136-4

For bigger space requirements and more protection for your laptop, this is the bag to go for. It comes fitted with three main compartments that include a large dedicated laptop section at the back that can hold computers of up to 17.3 inches perfectly. The section’s sides are also layered with thick padding for protection.

The area at the bottom of this compartment can also hold a few clothing and accessories. Each compartment is fitted with strong black heavy duty zippers for safety. Another compartment is designed to fit large files and folders but can be used for something else.

At the front lies a smaller compartment filled with pockets designed to hold your pens, smaller notebooks and other items you need to access easily such as tickets. Additional features include a strong trolley handle for pulling it along and a set of strong, flexible wheels that facilitate easier rolling and balance when the bag is straightened.

Which one is the best?

The Samsonite 15.6 inch Classic Wheeled Bag, the Wenger Patriot and the Solo Classic 17.3 inch Rolling Case face stiff competition from other top quality rolling bags, but in vain. These three fit the bill in most categories with their superior construction, easy design and space allocation.

All three bags feature good quality trolley handles and rolling wheels, in addition to easy to access pockets on their front sections. When it comes to price, the Wenger Patriot comes out as the most expensive with the Samsonite following closely.

Neither the Wenger Patriot nor the Solo’s material is a match for the Samsonite’s 1680 Denier Ballistic nylon; nevertheless, the two can hold laptops of a larger size than the Samsonite.

The Wenger Patriot comes out on top when it comes to room, being the one with the largest space and most compartments for laptops, clothing and other accessories. When compared to other rolling laptop bag brands on the market, the closest competition is from the Samsonite Xenon Spinner Mobile Office bag and the Targus Metro Roller. The Samsonite Xenon comes with very large compartments and 360° rolling wheels while the Targus fronts a superior material in form of water resistant 1200D closed cell foam polyester for its exterior.

Conclusion – The best rolling laptop bag

With all factors considered, each of the bags on this list is commendable to buy for all your travelling and laptop carriage needs. They all come with the basic requirements that a rolling laptop case should have, including durable rolling wheels, superior construction, strong exterior material and enough space for your laptop and its accessories.

On further testing, each has its own qualities over the other, and these might ultimately determine your choice. While the Solo fronts the largest sized laptop compartment, the Wenger Patriot comes in with the best construction and most space in general.

The Samsonite 15.6 inch Classic Wheeled Business Case easily takes the prize for overall quality and distinction in design, functionality and durability, making it our top pick for the best rolling laptop bag of 2017. Still, each of the bags is perfect for the regular traveler.