Best Laptop Bags for Women

Bags are important for women because it is where they put everything they need on a day to day basis. Now in the 21st century, it is no news that women work as hard as men.

Therefore, they need the right tools to help them get the job done as efficiently as possible. Working people are technology dependent in during these times. One of the most useful gadgets needed by both men and women is laptop.

A working woman or even a female student is in need of a laptop to do their tasks and because of that, they need something to carry it such as a laptop bag. Laptop bags help making it convenient for people to carry laptops when they are on the go.

In searching for the best laptop bags for women, style, price and sturdiness of the bag were taken into consideration. The bag needs to be stylish because women are still women after all.

They need to be stylish in their everyday grind. The price should be reasonable and not that expensive. Lastly, sturdiness is needed because women would want to put things other than their laptop in their laptop bags.

Mcklein USA Winnetka Leather Ladies Briefcase

The Mcklein USA Winnetka Leather Ladies Briefcase is a stylish laptop bag for women. It comes in 9 different beautiful colors: fuschia, red, black, aqua blue, pink, orange, green, sand and navy blue. It is made of Italian leather which makes it really durable and sturdy.

It has a well-organized top zip compartment which provides a quick access to the main section. It has a removable sleeve for the laptop and a front organizer that provides storage space for media devices, pens and such. It has two long tubular straps for shoulder carrying.


  • Italian Leather provides superb sturdiness
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Well-organized compartments for easy storage
  • Reasonably priced for a leather briefcase
  • Overall design looks professional


  • Leather material makes it heavy to carry around
  • Long tubular straps do not have soft padding for comfort


The Mcklein USA Winnetka Leather Ladies Briefcase is overall, a good steal for a leather bag with its price. It provides topnotch quality and has a very attractive design that will make any women look professional at work or school. Although it is heavy to carry around, the leather material, nonetheless, provides durability and sturdiness that will surely last for a long time.

Kate Spade New York Kennedy Park Calista

The Kate Spade New York Kennedy Park Calista is one of the brand’s top seller when it comes to laptop bags. This bag provides a minimalistic design which looks modernly professional. It is made out of nylon which makes it lighter than those made out of leather but other parts of it such as the shoulder straps are still made out of leather.

It provides a spacious compartment for a laptop up to 15 inch in screen size and can still fit a standard textbook or two notebooks. It has an optional cross body strap for those who find it easier to carry the bag that way. It comes with two colors: black and French navy. This bag is expensive compared to the others in the market but you get what you pay for because of the durability it promises.


  • Modernly professional minimalistic design
  • Optional cross body strap for easy carrying
  • Lightweight bag provided by its nylon material
  • Spacious compartments that can hold both laptop and books


  • Expensive compared to the others in the market
  • No other compartments other than the ones inside


The Kate Spade New York Kennedy Park Calista is surely a classy laptop bag for those women on the go. It provides a stylish professional design for women of all age; both working and studying. The bag, being lightweight, makes it easier for it to be carried around anytime, anywhere. Although it is an expensive laptop bag, it is a good investment because it guarantees to provide a sturdy and stylish protection to your laptop.

Over Brooke Amazing Tote Bag

It is one of the best bags you can carry in your workplace and for school as well. The design is minimal but very useful. You can keep your cosmetics and other accessories in it while leaving extra space for other important stuff as well. It can carry a laptop with a maximum screen of 15.6 inches.

There is a separate padded section in the bag for the laptop which keeps your laptop protected even if you mistakenly drop the bag on the floor. The exterior of the bag is nylon which gives it a unique look. You can carry any laptop without any fear of damaging it because it is it fully protected. The bag’s dimension is 17.5 x 13.5 x 4.5 with weighing 2 lbs. Thickness is about 1 inch.


  • Convenient
  • Spacious
  • Durable
  • For All-Purpose bag
  • Stylish
  • Easy to carry
  • Soft material


  • Available in only one color

Kensington LM650 Laptop Bag

This bag is stylish and beautiful. It is meant as a laptop bag and a bag where you can keep books too. The maximum size of this bag is 15 inches which is pretty big. Most people prefer to have light weight laptops nowadays so that will fit in. The best part of this tote laptop bag is that it has thick straps, so your shoulder will not get strained of carrying it all day long. It is strong and gives a good support to your overall body posture.

It is a rectangular bag, so even if you put it on the floor with your stuff in it, it will keep its shape. Because of its depth, it is guaranteed that you can always zip it up because there is always enough space.


In total, the Mcklein USA Winnetka Leather Ladies Briefcase is the best pick because even if the leather material makes the bag heavy, the very same material provides the sturdiness we are looking for in a laptop bag for women. Leather ages beautifully and will provide longevity more than any other material. The professional style it has will surely get compliments here and there. Price is reasonable and on point for the features it delivers.