Laptop Backpack Reviews

In this modern day and age, technology has been one of the essentials in our day to day life. It helps us get the work done efficiently and effectively. One of the most important tool of technology to both men and women, working or studying, is the laptop. Laptops aid us in our daily tasks such as making presentations for work or doing research and thesis for school.

Whatever reason you may have for using a laptop, it is undeniable that we need to be able bring them here and there to be productive throughout the day. It is likely for laptop owners to have laptop bags. It helps in carrying laptops easily as well as providing protection for it. For this purpose, we took the initiative in determining a few of the best laptop backpacks in the market.

We took into consideration the durability of laptop backpack among others. The ideal scenario of someone using laptop backpacks is a person who commutes and needs a laptop backpack to help him carry and protect his laptop and some of his other stuff as a bonus. The next thing is price because students are the ones who use laptops more and carry them around places so the price should be cheaper. Lastly, style would also be taken into consideration.

Winblo Laptop Backpack

The Winblo Laptop Backpack is a simple and lightweight laptop backpack. It is made with durable linen and nylon fabric that will surely hold one’s laptop. It comes with a soft protective padding and is light for easy carrying throughout the day.

The Winblo laptop backpack not only provides spacious compartments for both laptop and other essentials such as books and notebooks through its dual compartment feature but it also provides organization through its many pockets for the small things like pens, keys, etc.

This travel laptop backpack’s approximate dimension is 17.71″ x 11.81″ x 3.93”. It is perfect for holding MacBooks, iPads, and other laptops. It comes in seven different colors: black, blue, dark green, gray, pink, mauve pink and purple.


  • Lightweight because of its linen fabric material
  • Lots of room provided by its dual compartment feature
  • Student-friendly price compared to the other laptop backpacks
  • A variety of colors to choose from


  • Not water-repellent due to the material it is made from
  • Tears easily due to its lightweight feature if used with heavy stuff


In total, Winblo Laptop Backpack is a great laptop backpack as it provides durability and protection for laptops. It is spacious which can hold other important stuff things such as umbrella, chargers, etc. It is stylish and has lot of color options. Lastly, it is reasonably priced which will make people on a budget, especially students, to opt for this laptop backpack.

Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack

The Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack is a chic and stylish laptop backpack that is perfect for everyday use. It is a multi-compartment laptop backpack with one large packing compartment, a separate laptop compartment, a tablet holder, and front pocket organizer. This laptop backpack is water-repellent which is ideal for the rainy season and tear-resistant for the heavy users because of its dual nylon fabric material.

This laptop bag has an anti-theft design as it comes with dual access zipper for easy access and increased safety. This laptop bag is a little more pricey than others but it is reasonable for the added features it has. Its size is 11.8″ x 7.1” x 17.7” and can hold laptops with a screen size up to 15.6”.


  • Multi-compartment laptop backpack perfect for carrying stuff other than the laptop
  • Tear-resistant dual nylon fabric material provides superb durability
  • Water-repellent feature ideal for rainy seasons
  • Anti-theft design for increased safety


  • Lacks in padding on the shoulder straps for comfortable carrying
  • Comes in two colors only: black and light gray
  • A little pricey than other laptop backpacks


The Kopack Slim Business Backpack is a great deal for a laptop backpack. With its tear-resistant, water-repellent and anti-theft design, you would expect this backpack to be more expensive than usual. Although it is a bit more expensive, it is still reasonably priced and despite some of its downsides, it still delivers the criteria that we are looking for in a good laptop backpack.


After reviewing the products, the Kopack Slim Business Backpack is the best one. Even though it is slightly pricier than others, its durability and water-repellent features are perfect for those working people and for students on the go. It provides roomy compartments for other daily things and the protection it gives goes beyond the soft padding but it also provides an anti-theft feature. The Kopack Slim Business Backpack can be considered a really great deal.