Best Designer Laptop Bags

Just like their name suggests, Designer Laptop Bags are unique, so they come with advanced features. The bags are needed for transporting laptops from one place to another. Without a bag, your laptop is at risk of being damaged due to shocks that are experienced during transit sessions.

Designer laptop bags come with several pockets for accommodating your accessories and personal items, including your phone, tablet, mouse, CDs, camera and notebooks among many others.

Quite often, designer bags are made from nylon, leather and canvas, or a combination of both. These materials are very strong because they are weatherproof. Besides that, designer bags come with at least two alternatives of carrying them, such as handles and a strap.

When shopping for these bags, you should compare the prices that are offered by different shops. Moreover, you should analyze the bonuses that come with each deal, to make sure you end up with a bag that’s worthy of your money.

Designer bags usually come with a limited time warranty and so it’s important to confirm before you make a purchase.

How to Choose the Best Designer Bag

Designer bags come in various colors and features. Before you spend your money on a bag, there are some things that you should check:

  • Shoulder strap: The shoulder strap should be thick enough to be able to bear the weight of the bag. Lest you forget, the bag will be used to transport a valuable laptop, together with other things. If the strap is thin, chances are that it will break before you reach your destination. Furthermore, a shoulder strap should be padded to reduce the risk of the luggage slipping off and to make it comfortable on your shoulder. After all, you don’t want to end up with sore shoulders. The length should also be adjustable, so that the bag can be carried by anyone.
  • Construction material: The durability of a designer bag is determined by the material used to make it. In fact, a bag made from high quality material will cost much more than one made from ordinary material. The most common materials that are used these days include leather, nylon, canvas and neoprene. Nylon wears out fast when compared to the other materials. Leather and canvas are highly durable and are resistant to water. On the other hand, neoprene is commonly found on the interior of most bags due to its high resistance to shock.
  • Size of laptop: When buying a designer laptop bag, you should visualize the size of your device and check whether it will fit. A good bag should be able to hold any laptop that doesn’t exceed 17 inches. If your laptop measures 17 inches and the bag you want to buy can only hold a laptop that is 14 inches, the bag will certainly not serve its intended purpose because a considerable portion of the device will be left exposed for people to see.

What to Look For In a Good Designer Laptop Bag

A good designer laptop bag is fun to use because it comes with everything that you need. For a start, the bag should come fitted with protective pads. These pads are used to reduce the impact of falls and banging on the bag, which in return help in keeping your laptop free from any damage. In some bags, the pads are installed in the interior while other bags have the pads integrated in the outer cover.

Laptop bags generally come with several pockets. The more pockets your bag has, the more items you will be able to carry while moving to another location. The first priority should be given to the main pocket because it’s the one that will be housing your laptop. It should be large enough to fit the laptop without leaving extra space.

If it has to be large, make sure it’s fitted with straps for holding the laptop firmly to prevent it from shaking during transportation. Furthermore, the bag should have extra pockets for putting your pens, movies, laptop charger, documents and tablet.

A bag that can be carried in more than one way is far better than the one that limits you. If a bag has a shoulder strap, it should also have a handle, so that you can hold it with one hand like a briefcase when you’re going to an office.

Even if it’s a backpack, it should have a shoulder strap to enable you to hang it on your shoulder while walking for a long distance.





 TaylorHe Hard Wearing Nylon Laptop Shoulder Bag $ 4.5 / 5
   kayond® 13-13.3 inch Cute Leopard’s Spots Laptop Carrying Case $$ 4.7 / 5
   Graceship Laptop Bag for Women – “London” $$$ 4.1 / 5
   FASH Glossy Crocodile Print Embossed Satchel Style Top Handle Computer Handbag $ 3.6 / 5
   Kenneth Cole Reaction Mens Business Double Zip Laptop Case Briefcase Bag $  4.7 / 5
   McKlein Company W Series Lake Forest Ladies Notebook Briefcase $$$ 4.5 / 5
   Tutilo Take Away Top Zip Tote Designer Handbag – Removable Padded Sleeve for Laptops & Tablets Included $$ 4 / 5
   Sammons Top Quality Genuine Leather Laptop Briefcase $$ 4.7 / 5
   Designer Sleeves 17″ Autumn Birds Executive Laptop Bag $$ 4.5 / 5
   BfB 15 inch Laptop Shoulder Computer Bags For Women  $$$ 5 / 5

TaylorHe Nylon Laptop Bag

TaylorHe Nylon Laptop Bag is decorated with high quality prints that are in different colors. The bag has a compact design and so it occupies less space during transportation. The laptop bag is constructed from hard wearing nylon material so that it can be used for many years.

The bag has a main compartment for keeping a laptop that measures 16 to 17 inches. There are actually straps inside the compartment that are used for fastening the device when you’re on the go.

You can never run out of storage when you’re using this bag. It has two extra pockets for storing all your accessories, including pens, books, mouse and CDs among others. The bag can be carried like a briefcase via the two handles that are at the top.

For those that prefer carrying their laptop on the shoulder, a removable shoulder strap has been included in the package.


  • Floral patterned print
  • Zippered pockets
  • Cheap
  • Free shipment
  • Compact design
  • Padded case


  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Double handles
  • Large main pocket
  • Two extra pockets for keeping accessories
  • Hardwearing nylon material


  • No backpack option
  • Few pockets


TaylorHe Nylon Laptop Bag is a masterpiece. The bag gives you the freedom of carrying your luggage the way you want. You can hold it by the handles and you will be good to go. The alternative is to carry it on your shoulder using the shoulder strap that comes with the package. The good thing is that you can remove the strap and re-install it when you need to use it.

Kayond Leopard’s Spots Laptop Case

Kayond Leopard’s Spots Laptop Case is made from quality canvas material and is adorned with elegant leopard spots. It’s actually one of those bags that make you stand out in a crowd.  The bag has double pockets that are large enough to accommodate your laptop. One is at the front while the other is at the back. In fact you can carry more than one device at a time.

There are additional pockets for holding your accessories to ensure they are within reach when you need them.

The bag is unisex which means it can be used by both men and women. Men can carry it with one hand using the twin handles while ladies can hang it on the shoulder. Moreover, if the luggage is heavy and you want to keep walking, you can carry the bag using the shoulder strap.

The shoulder strap is designed to be detachable and fixing it is very simple because there rings for attaching it directly. It’s very comfortable to carry the bag on your shoulder due to its high density pads that prevent your shoulders from getting irritated. You can even increase and reduce the length of the strap as you wish.

The exterior of the bag is hardened to make it resistant to shock.


  • 13 inches
  • Leopard spot print
  • Spacious pockets
  • Double zips for wide opening
  • Compact design


  • Canvas fabric material
  • Padded exterior
  • Front and back pocket
  • Internal fastening straps
  • Adjustable removable shoulder strap
  • Twin hand handles


  • Large laptops can’t fit into the bag
  • Few pockets


Kayond Leopard’s Spots Laptop Case is indeed a game changer. The case has animal print that features leopard spots. The bag comes with two wide compartments that can be used to store a laptop and multiple accessories. Since the pockets are wide, even a charger can fit in stress free.

The bag is fitted with two handles which makes it ideal for men and women. A shoulder strap is included in the package to help you carry your luggage around for long periods of time. The shoulder strap is not permanently fixed on the bag, so you can remove it when you want.

Graceship Laptop Bag for Women

Graceship Laptop Bag for Women comes with a spacious compartment that’s padded to protect your laptop from bumps and knocks that can break the device. The compartment can accommodate a laptop within the range of 15 inches.

The bag can easily be mistaken for an ordinary women’s handbag. The bag is carried by hanging it on the shoulder using two handles. The laptop bag can never be damaged by water or scratches because it’s made from durable leather.

The material is actually certified by PETA and it’s covered by a thin layer of chocolate color that resembles suede. Due to its construction, the bag is very light. The main pocket of the bag is opened and closed using a zipper.

Moreover, there is a flap that is closed via a gold fastener. With this bag, you don’t need to carry your purse because it has multiple internal pockets that are similar to those found in a purse. There are special pockets for keeping pens, documents, chargers, mouse and other accessories.


  • Ideal for work and travel
  • Sleek design
  • PETA certified vegan leather
  • Chocolate color suede-like interior lining
  • Briefcase and purse in one


  • Dual handles
  • Holds 15 inch laptop
  • Padded device compartment
  • Golden fastening hardware
  • Flap
  • Multiple organizational pockets


  • No shoulder strap
  • Expensive


With Graceship Laptop Bag for Women, you’re guaranteed to get two items at the price of one. Other than being used for transporting your laptop, the bag doubles as an accessory and a purse. It has a big pocket for keeping your 15 inch laptop, thanks to the thick padding.

The bag is fitted with a flap that is closed using a golden hardware. Moreover, the bag has many pockets for keeping computer accessories, such as mouse, CDs, charger, pens, notebooks, and feminine accessories, such as nail polish and lip balm.

FASH Glossy Computer Handbag

FASH Glossy Computer Handbag is made from faux leather and has a glossy crocodile print lining. The interior of the bag is covered with synthetic lining. When you put your laptop in the main compartment, you can be sure that it will remain safe throughout the journey because the pocket is heavily padded to resist any kind of shock.

The handbag has twin handles that have thick padding to make them rest gently on your shoulders. You can increase or reduce the length of the handles using the buckles and clasps that are fitted on the bag.

There are extra pockets inside the bag that are meant for holding your personal items and accessories. The laptop bag can be complimented with official outfits and can also be used as a college bag, due to the fact that the compartment is big enough to accommodate books.


  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Big main pocket
  • Crocodile and glossy print
  • Cheap
  • Free shipment


  • Extra pockets for accessories
  • Zippered pockets
  • Fits standard size laptop
  • Can accommodate books
  • Ideal for formal and casual occasions


  • No shoulder strap
  • Leather not durable


FASH Glossy Computer Handbag is more than just a laptop bag. The laptop bag is very pocket friendly when compared to other bags on the market. The bag gives you convenience and embraces a great sense of fashion to make you step out with confidence.

The exterior of the bag is covered with glossy crocodile print which means the bag can be used in formal and casual situations. You can go to work with it and still not feel out of place. On the other hand, the glossy outlook blends well with casual events, especially parties. The bag is constructed from synthetic leather.

The interior of the bag is covered with thick padding material to keep your laptop free from knocks and bumping. Even if the handbag fell out of your hands, the laptop would remain intact thanks to the padding material.

The handles of the bag are also padded to make them comfortable on your shoulder. You can make the dual handles longer or shorter using the buckles and clasps that are fixed on the bag. Additionally, there are extra pockets similar to those found in purses. These pockets are conveniently placed to enable you to store your accessories that you use often with your laptop.

Kenneth Cole Laptop Case

Kenneth Cole Laptop Case has a main front pocket that has double zippers for opening up to 180 degrees, which is very useful when you’re being frisked by authorities while traveling. The interior of the bag has straps for securing the laptop safely so that it doesn’t move back and forth. Additionally, the compartment is padded with thick material so that it can survive from shocks that result from bumping and knocking.

There are two external pockets. One is really wide, and hence can fit A4 documents and books perfectly. The other pocket is a bit smaller and it’s certainly meant for storing accessories, such as pens, notebooks, movies and charger among others.

The bag is fitted with two handles that are well padded to avoid irritating your hand. You can even carry the bag on your shoulder using the removable and padded shoulder strap that comes with the package.


  • Cheap
  • Black in color
  • Double zips
  • Large pockets
  • Fits 17 inch laptop


  • Padded removable shoulder strap
  • Double padded handles
  • Heavily padded laptop compartment
  • Laptop fastening straps
  • External full length pockets
  • Additional internal pockets


  • Not multifunctional
  • Zips can jam


Kenneth Cole Laptop Case is an amazing bag. Since the bag is padded with shock proof material, your computer will not be damaged by any knocks and bumps. The pocket that is reserved for the laptop can fit any device that measures 14 to 17 inches.

The main pocket has two zips that can be pulled in any direction to open the bag completely. This feature makes it ideal for transporting your laptop across the national boarders where you must be screened by the authorities.

You can carry the bag in your hand using the handles that are fixed on it. The alternative is to hang the bag on your shoulder using the strap that is included in the deal.

The shoulder strap is actually padded, and you can uninstall it whenever you want.