Welcome to Laptop Bag Zone!

My name is Ryan and I started this site. I work in consulting for my day job which leads me to two situations again and again: frequent travel and having to pick bags to carry my work items, and also conversations with other consultants about the best products to facilitate our mobile lifestyles.

Both of these led me to my fascination with laptop bags. On the one hand they are all fundamentally similar – they are a place to hold your laptop and usually a few other things. Sometimes they have straps, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they are leather and sometimes cloth. But overall, they are largely similar.

And yet there are hundreds, if not thousands of laptop bags out there. I was amazed by the third time I’d left my laptop bag in my hotel room and had to buy another when just browsing through Amazon seeing the unbelievable quantity of different bags and manufacturers. Learning about those has since become like an odd hobby of mine and this site is the result of my efforts.