Best Laptop Bags

Best Laptop Bags

Laptop bags are convenient, aren’t they? This article is going to be about the best laptop bags on the market. Laptop bags fall under the category of messenger bags.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word messenger bags may be the old postman bags, but you will find out that is not the whole story. Quoting a Latin famous expression “Historia est Magistra Vitae” which means “History is a life teacher” this text begins with the history of the product.

The first messenger bag was a utility lineman made in 1950s by De Martini Globe Canvas Company. Original founder of the company was Frank De Martini. In 1970s and 1980s, these bags were only produced and sold to in New York City messenger department.

The only differences between bags are the colors as the firms wanted to have bags in their own colors. The biggest change was in 1984 when John Peters changed the design of De Martini bags by accessorizing the bags with imported material. This type of the design is the standard in the industry then when it comes to messenger bags.

Messenger bags are made to last long. For inner waterproof lining, the bags have thicker canvas and tarp. Ballistic nylon and waterproof vinyl tarp lining make the bag water resistant. Some companies are introducing new standard on waterproof lining such as thermoplastic polyurethanes which is more expensive but more environmentally friendly and more durable.

Use of messenger bag is similar to backpack which is to ensure comfort and easy access for people who tend to carry heavy items. They are best fit for cycling because of its features such as shoulder detachable strap, easy release buckles and an adjustable buckle. Lately, messenger bags have had a popular use in fashion industry as a fashionable accessory, for both genders.

Also there are more colleges and high schools students nowadays who use this type of bag because of its functionality and fashionable look. As a result of the bags popularity, many companies design these types of bags especially for the student market. Although it is used mostly as a fashion accessory, don’t think that messenger bags are all for the show or do not have quality. Messenger bags are in fact more durable   than traditional leather bags.

Here are some of the best laptop bags on the market:

Classy Design by Dusroc w/ Leather Trim & Chrome Hardware

This product is a multi-functional bag that you can use as a backpack, messenger bag or briefcase. It has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carry and high quality stainless steel clasps and buckles. The bag is equipped with leather trimming, water resistant canvas and reliable laptop and tablet storage compartments.

Here are some of the benefits when you buy one of these bags:

  • Best for keeping your devices and gadgets like laptop or tablet.
  • It can be transformed from a backpack to a briefcase depending on the need of the occasion.
  • It has branded zippers.
  • Pullers are made of luxury leather.
  • Polly/satin lining protects the interior of the bag.
  • Interior is very modern and stylish.
  • Numerous pockets and chambers for accessories.
  • Includes waist strap for hiking purposes and easier back support.
  • Lots of compartments for various accessories like folders or pens.
  • Has top and side handles to provide multiple carry options.
  • Leather accents and chrome hardware.

Dimension of this bag is18x4x13 inches (45x10x33 cm).Its shipping weight is 3.85 pounds (1.74 kg).It is available at 89$ with a 6 month warranty.

Customer reviews for this product are excellent. It has a 4.4 rating on Amazon. Most customers highlight its convenience, quality use of zippers and versatility as it can transform from backpack to briefcase.

Hynes Eagle Vintage Canvas Leather Messenger Bags Briefcase

Hynes Eagle Vintage Canvas bags are made to improve your everyday style. This smart and sharp looking business handbag is made of high density canvas and leather.

Its main compartment is spacious and designed for your laptop, tablet, A4 size files and other accessories. Security is provided with the zipper under the leather flap. There are multiple carrying options because you can hold it by top handle or over shoulder as it has detachable shoulder strap.

These are the most important features of this product:

  • It is 90% made of high density canvas and 10% genuine leather with bronze hardware.
  • It has two leather buckles with magnetic quick snap for easy and quick access to items inside the bag.
  • As mentioned above, there is a detachable shoulder strap that provides another carrying option.
  • There is a main compartment inside the bag which is enough to store a 14 inch (35 cm) laptop.
  • For storing your accessories, there are two open pockets, one small zipper pocket and one zipper divider.
  • Zipper pocket on the backside is made for easy reach on your gadgets like iPad.
  • It is spacious but it not t bulky or hard to carry so it is ideal for everyday use.
  • Its design is timeless so it’s a perfect gift for any man.
  • For cleaning and maintenance, it should be hand washed with cold water.

When buying this bag, you should consider the following: color may vary due to computer settings, 1-2 cm error may occur because of different measuring methods. You should also pay close attention to sizes when placing your order online because the uploaded image of the product might be tricky at times.

Dimension of the bag is15.35 inch (39 cm) length x 2.95 inch (7.49 cm) width, 11.02 inch (28 cm) height. The weight of this product is 2.3 pounds (1kg) and is available at50$.

This product has a very good 3.8 rating on Amazon. Most of the customers are very satisfied with this bag. Handle, shoulder strap, vintage look and a lot of different compartments really sell this product. One thing that the customers are discontent about is the size. Some of the user couldn’t keep their laptops in the bag.

Designer Sleeves 17 inches Vintage Fleur Executive Laptop Case

This product is one of the most awesome and practical way to protect your laptop or tablet. It has a unisex design which is very stylish and modern. Designer Sleeves published this product in November 2010 available in three colors: black, red and brown. Based from photos of the bag, it has a detachable shoulder strap and handles for ease in carrying the bag.

Now let’s talk about the things you can’t see in the picture. This product is composed of a thick rubber which protects your laptop from moisture and scratches which can happens so easily when y if you are carrying it over the shoulder.

Designer Sleeves Vintage Fleur Executive model has an external zipped pocket which enables you to carry other accessories like USB.

Here is the list of the most important features that I have not mentioned yet in the text above:

  • Lightweight – this bag is made for effortless handling so there’s no trouble carrying it around.
  • Internal organization pockets- this allows easy access to things like mobile phones, business cards etc.
  • Padded handles
  • Size of the product is 16 inch (40.64 cm) x 1.2 inch (3 cm) x 11 inch (28 cm)
  • It is easy to clean and maintain. It can be washed by hand wash and just let it air dry.
  • The casing is durable because it doesn’t crack, fade or peel off.
  • The item weighs 1.1 pound or half a kilo.

It has a 1 year warranty that protects you as a consumer from all manufacturer defects.

This model has a 3.9 customer satisfaction rating. Customers are extremely satisfied with the design as there are many bright colors available. The only thing that customers need to be careful is ordering the wrong size of the bag. If the laptop wouldn’t fit in the bag, the purchase is a waste.  Customers should be careful to double check everything before placing the order.

Sammons Top Quality Genuine Leather Laptop Briefcase/Tote/Shoulder Bag 190281-01

This model is an example of a new modern laptop bag which is made by Sammons. This model of laptop briefcase is multi-functional and has many features that will be explored in this article. First available in February 2015, this Sammons leather laptop briefcase is made for men available in only black color .

This bag can be a laptop and tablet briefcase and a messenger handbag that was mentioned earlier. The size of the bag is: L 15 inch (38 cm) x H 11.4 inch (29cm) x W 2.4 inch (6cm). As most bags, this also has an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. This feature is among the most important in choosing bags.

Here are more features to take not off:

  • Like other bags, it is opened and closed with a zipper.
  • Internal structure consists of main pocket, mobile phone pocket, license pocket, pen pocket and zip pocket inside the main compartment.
  • The bag is made of a material called brand jacquard inning.
  • Made of genuine leather which is produced using less chemical, thus it is non-allergic and eco friendly.
  • Perfect for business or everyday use.
  • Fashionable design that is suitable for both men and women although it is mostly used by men.
  • Soft interior in order to protect devices from knocks and bumps.
  • It is slim and easy to handle so you can carry your laptop without having a bulgy or heavy bag. This item weighs s 2.5 pounds or a little less more than a kilo.
  • Half year warranty is given for any product malfunctions or damages.
  • Available for 247$, it is as one of the most expensive bags on the market for this category.

This Sammons bag has a 4.4 star rating which is among the best in this category. From lawyers to school teachers, most people love this product because it is fashionable, easy to handle and has a perfect size. However, one thing that usually bothers some men its feminine look although it is marketed as a men’s bag.

According to some buyers, it’s on the design and size is too small to be a bag for men. If you are prefer a larger bag or a more masculine design, I suggest it would probably be the best if you choose other designs because there are plenty of options.

KAUKKO Vintage Casual Canvas School Backpack Leather Rucksack Book Bag Laptop Daypack

This laptop bag is made by KAUKKO and an Italian manufacturer who specializes in bags for men and women. As you can view on the photos, this bag is very modern and practical. The bag is designed differently because it more of resembles a school bag. In fact, I’d bet at first glance, people would not consider it as a laptop bag, but they are going to be wrong.

Some of the most important features of this product can be read below:

  • First available in May 2015.
  • This bag is made of high quality nylon lining and canvas that makes it eco friendly and durable.
  • Dimensions of this bag are (L*W*H): 11.81*6.3*16(inch), 30*16*40 cm. This measurement can fit most 14-15 inches laptops.
  • Its storage capacity is 18L which puts it in the medium category.
  • There are also straps for shoulder like all other bags. Straps are 3 inches wide and easily adjustable.
  • There are 3 zippered pockets on the outside which provide space to put other necessities that you can be quickly taken when needed.
  • Main compartment is closed with a single Velcro strap.
  • Laptop can be placed sideways and so will be couple of inches of free space at both ends. There are two straps for closing at the front.
  • There is one new feature available called drawsting closure. This feature is available at the main compartment where it provides added security to your devices and accessories.
  • There is a 12 month warranty. You can exchange the product up to 60 days and return it in the first 180 days.
  • Shipping weight of the product is 2 pounds or 900 grams.
  • This bag is available for 38$.
  • It can be bought in many colors such as: grey, khaki, black, coffee, navy, light coffee, apricot and dark navy.
  • You can clean this backpack with nylon brush, gentle laundry detergent, small bowl, absorbent towels and canvas proofing spray.

However there are some things that you should be careful about or pay attention when buying this product. The color can be a bit different than the one in photos because of the reflecting light when shooting. There is also a possibility of a 1-2 cm error of measurement due to different measurement methods.

Average rating for this product is 4.1.The most enjoyed features are the canvas leather, 3 zipped pockets and its durability because it can serve you well during trips as well. Although it has an amazing rating, there are some concerns with this product.

As per customer reviews, sometimes you can get a totally different color than the one you ordered and that can be very frustrating. As you can see, there are lots of laptop bag options. Some of it is of different sizes, different styles but most of them do the job, and so it is important to explore every option before buying one. There is lot of aspects you should consider when picking a laptop bag.

The most obvious one is the size because it is important that your laptop, tablet and other gadgets can fit comfortably inside the bag. Other one is durability because it is a waste of time buying the same thing every two months. Style is also important to consider because it defines you and your character.

You should look for a matching color for your jacket, suit or coat. Last but not least is of course, money’s worth. You should look for a bag that doesn’t cost much and is practical and well equipped. I hope this article has shed some lights about laptop storage bags and will help you in the future in your next purchase.